ACDelco battery review of 2022(With Buying Guide)

Have you ever tried to get in your car in a hurry because of some urgent work to catch up? Well, you might have gone through this phase, but did you ever end up with your vehicle not starting? If that happened to you, we know about the fuss, ain’t it pleasing. 

ACDelco battery review

If you have not gone through such trouble, good for you. We hope you never end up in such a situation. A vehicle tends to be unresponsive when the battery is down, as we call it dead, a dead battery.

To get out of such dilemmas, we are going to put up the 7 best ACDelco battery reviews in this article. Bear with us and read through to know more.

1. ACDelco Gold B24R Group 51 battery

ACDelco Gold B24R Group 51 battery

The ACDelco B24R is one of the finest batteries ACDelco has produced. The good thing about this battery is that it is a group 51 battery that fits almost most of the car hoods. This battery unit is manufactured with quality materials, making it a sturdy piece of equipment.

It is made of advanced AGM technology. The completely sealed body gives it the extra edge in terms of withstanding shocks and vibrations from the road. With this battery mounted on your car hood, you don’t need to be worried about bumpy roads or terrains. 

Stacked with optimized calcium-alloy that produces fine grain, corrosion-resistant grid. These features help to curb down the water consumption adding to its durability. If you are looking for a deep cycling battery, this product has to be the best pick. It has gas recombinant technology controlled by a valve which gives this unit longer cycle life.

It has a very low discharge rate, therefore can be stored during off-seasons. It has a cold cranking amp of 335 CCA that allows you to start the engine under varying conditions. Being stranded on the road is not on the cards anymore. This battery has a decent reserve capacity that is enough to back you up in difficult situations.

We like this battery a lot for what it offers. The leak-proof, spill-proof design is something any car driver would like. It has improved cranking amps and minimized discharge rate making it a likeable battery. The full-frame power grids and pressurized valves add to the safety.    


– Affordable

– Longer life span

– Spill-proof

– Vibration resistant

– Low self-discharge rate

– Decent power cranking capability


– Not for larger vehicles

2. ACDelco Gold AGM BCI Group 94R Battery

ACDelco Gold AGM BCI Group 94R Battery

This 94R battery can be used in passenger and light commercial vehicles. This battery is made of absorbed glass matt, therefore there is no chance of spilling liquid. The body is fully sealed and provides sturdiness. It can absorb impact vibrations and resist shocks at will. 

The glass matt separator in it holds the electrolyte permanently and the ventilation cap doesn’t let acid leak out of the battery chamber. It also cuts out the water loss due to oxygen recombination. This feature enhances the lifespan of this battery. 

This battery has low internal resistance. The grid is made of calcium lead that improves the conductivity within the battery. The particular model has improved acid circulation, which helps in cooling the battery and keeps it functional for a longer period. The high-density negative paste improves the overall performance of the unit. 

It has a reverse capacity of 140 minutes, which is higher than most batteries. With higher conductivity and low resistive power, this battery is an ideal equipment to generate ample boost for a car. 

We have it on our list because of its versatility. It has a CA of 1020 and a CCA of 850. Allowing it to work during lower temperatures and hot weather as well. This powerhouse equipment is compatible with most car models. The likes of BMW, Volvo, Ford, Hyundai and many others can easily fit this power unit. It also comes with a 3 years warranty, so if any mishap occurs, you can always have it checked by the manufacturer.


– Leak-proof design

– Withstands shock and vibration

– Runs smoothly in hot temperatures as well as cold weather

– Up to 3 years warranty

– Levelled internal pressure

– Enough reserve capacity

– Solid construction

– Deep cycling battery

– Fits in a wide range of cars


– Some people complain that it doesn’t hold a charge more than few days

3. ACDelco Gold AGM BCI Group 48 Battery

ACDelco Gold AGM BCI Group 48 Battery

The ACDelco Gold 48AGM Battery is a suitable fit for SUVs, LTVs, APV and other similar types of vehicles. If your car hood fits a group 48 power unit, you must go for this particular ACDelco product. Not only is it powerful and packs other astonishing features, but it also needs zero maintenance. You have seen it right. This battery doesn’t need extra maintenance, just fit it in your car and let it do the work for you. 

It has deep cycling capabilities and is also an AGM unit. Therefore it is made with a rugged casing and is completely splash-free. The electrolytes in it are separated and restored to their optimum, having constant, balanced pressure on each battery plate. Not only this, the rigidity of the battery is second to none. It absorbs all unnecessary impacts and resists vibration from the road.

The general amperage of it is 70 AH, with a cold cranking amp of 760. You will be able to run through any weather condition, such as low temperature and this battery won’t budge. The reserve capacity of 120 minutes is good enough to power up all the external gadgets and accessories in the car. Even if the battery stays idle for long, it is capable of holding charge to a great extent. 

We picked this battery because of its sheer power and functionality in difficult conditions. It has an increased lifespan that will let it run for an extended period without you having to go for changes. It has good conductivity and low resistance which is a big positive. It has apt ventilation, envelope separator that bumps up the acid circulation, providing extended battery life.


– Increased life cycle

– Works well in low temperature as well as hot climate

– Excellent reserve capacity

– Superior charging 

– Withstands impact 

– Spill-proof casing

– Durable battery

– Suitable for SUVs, APV, LTVs

– Comes with a warranty


– Some complaints about the battery not holding charge

– Fitting issues in some vehicles

 4. ACDelco Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 34 Battery

ACDelco Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 34 Battery

This is a battery that is made for standard smaller cars such as the Toyota Prius. If you have an SUV or Truck, this unit is not for you. That being said, riders who have a vehicle that is compatible with group 34 batteries, look no further. The ACDelco 34 AGM group 34 battery is something you don’t want to miss out on.

This handy equipment has an increased battery life because of the high-density negative paste. The battery itself has very low resistance due to the calcium lead positive grid which maximizes conductivity and provides ample power. 

Further adding to the construction, Silver Calcium stamped alloy increases the overall life cycle of the battery as well as the performance. It is also an AGM battery so you get all the positive features that lead-acid batteries offer. Such as a sealed body, a spill-proof and shock-resistant design that absorbs unwanted impacts and keeps the battery safe. 

There is no acid leakage from this battery due to the vent cap design. The hardwearing envelope separator with a puncture-free back increases the acid circulations. The better the acid circulation, the cooler the battery remains, thus it has an increased life cycle. 

We are into this product for its versatility. It can power up your car in no time. It has the capability to backup an inverter as well. If you are using multiple appliances, no worries. This item is a reliable power source with improved performance guaranteed. More importantly, it comes with warranty coverage. 


– Long battery life

– Good reserve capacity (115 minutes)

– Hardwearing construction

– Low internal resistance

– Sealed body frame

– Proper ventilation

– Spill-proof

– Withstands road vibration

– Improved acid circulation


– Minor complains about it not lasting longer

– Tad bit expensive 

5. ACDelco Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 78 Battery

ACDelco Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 78 Battery

For a longer-lasting battery, you should always go for ACDelco items. This group 78 battery from the manufacturer is simply a top graded battery right out of the box. Like all the ACDelco batteries, this one comes up with a high-density negative paste as well, which increases the life cycle of this battery.

The silver calcium composition in the battery enhances the performance to great extent. It has a reverse capacity of 115 minutes, suitable enough to back your car no matter what. Its 740 cold-cranking amp is enough to back up the internal electronics of your car. It is made to start no matter the weather condition. From hot to cold climates, this battery will perform to the highest level. 

The acid circulation in the battery is enhanced with the ventilation system. The envelope separator helps to keep the battery cool even when there is a huge load passing through it. The vent cap design is made to restrict acid leakage. 

We have cherry-picked this unit because it is the best equipment to have if your vehicle is stacked with a high-end sound system. Not only does it provide adequate power, but it is also built to protect itself from unwanted impacts from the road. The operation of this battery is super safe and it also scones with a green eye hydrometer of your convenience.


– Leak-proof

– Extended battery life

– Withstands shock and vibration

– Passable reverse capacity

– Good CCA rating

– Powers up a high-end sound system

– Doesn’t heat up

– 3-year replacement warranty


– Not for smaller vehicles

– On the heavier side

6. ACDelco Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 47 Battery

ACDelco Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 47 Battery

If you are looking for a battery that has excellent charge receptive capability and high cycling function, the ACDelco 47 AGM is the right pick for you. This powerhouse is perfect for automobile enthusiasts whose vehicle holds a group 47 battery. 

The good thing about this battery is that it surpasses all OE specifications. This is an advanced AGM battery with all eye-catching features. As you know AGM batteries are more convenient than flooded batteries. It doesn’t need refilling and the best part is the liquid inside the battery doesn’t overflow or spill. 

The rigid construction of the casing is durable enough to shield unwanted impacts and shocks from the road. The pressures on the plates are balanced to the core, increasing the life expectancy of the battery unit. With a low discharge rate and longer lifespan, this is a battery you don’t want to miss out on. 

It has an envelope separator and puncture-resistant back that allows sufficient air circulation thus the battery remains cool and safe. The plates within this battery are put out in such a way that it does not induce electrical short. 

We like this battery because of the construction and overall function. If you are looking for a replacement battery, this is a wonderful unit to have under your car hood. This battery is maintenance-free thus you just need to put it in the compartment and not worry about anything else. It has a decent cold-cranking amp of 630 CC protecting the battery even during low temperatures.


– Ideal replacement battery

– High CCA rating

– Maintenance-free

– Shockproof

– Spill-proof

– Balanced pressure within the battery

– Sturdy design

– Limited warranty


– The starter cranks a bit slower

– Requires a full day of charging

7. ACDelco Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 49 Battery

ACDelco Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 49 Battery

For every electronic to work at its optimum, you need the best battery. This is why we are here seeing through the ACDelco battery review. The 49AGm battery from this company is no exception. It is a unit that is made to provide power to each electronic accessory in your car besides the mighty engine. 

 The silver calcium stamp on the battery enhances the overall lifespan of this battery by 3x more compared to orthodox batteries. The lead positive grid in the battery increases the current conductivity, therefore a smooth and sufficient flow is attained. When you require power, worry no more. This battery has got your back ensuring superlative power to your car.

The performance of this battery gets a boost from the high-density negative paste. The low resistance within the battery is another important aspect of this item. 

This battery has increased acid circulation because of the ventilation system. The robust envelope separator does the trick in this case, keeping the battery cool.

With a reverse capacity of 160 minutes, you don’t need to worry about stalling, this battery will perform wonders even if it is kept idle for a long time. This will still perform when you need a start. The 900 CCA ensures that it works best under the harshest of conditions such as low temperature. 

We have this battery on our list because it is a high-quality battery for any standard automobile use. It is also a good replacement battery and comes with a 36-month replacement warranty, which is a good sign. 


– 3-year replacement warranty

– AGM specs

– Sealed splash-proof body

– Vibration resistant

– High current conductivity

– Good ventilation

– Low resistance

– Fits in most brand cars

– Longer lifespan


– For some people, the battery is hard to install

– Needs to be changed frequently

Benefits of buying ACDelco batteries

– All of the batteries are manufactured with quality control checks. The items are put through various tests to provide premium power to the vehicles.

– Batteries come with envelope separators that help eliminate shorting. The batteries come with a puncture-resistant design on the filters that allow good electrolyte diffusion between the plates. Proper venting on the batteries keeps the unit cooler in varying workloads, extending the battery life.

– Majority of the batteries come with high-density paste that bumps up the life cycle. These batteries last longer than most other brands.

– Calcium alloy positive and negative grids ensure there is no water loss, no corrosion, therefore, increases the durability of the battery.

– The terminal posts are designed in a way to prevent acid leaks. Constructed with utmost care and safety in mind.

– All batteries are long-lasting. These units are AGM batteries, therefore, it lasts 3x more than other batteries on the market.

– These batteries have low internal resistance, therefore, provide adequate current flow. You are destined to get a power boost whenever you need it.

– The speciality of AGM construction is that it doesn’t leak fluids. Therefore, no splash of harmful chemicals with ACDelco batteries. The batteries are vibration and shock resistant, protecting them from unwanted impacts.  

– Good CA and CCA makes these batteries survive and run fluently in hot temperatures. Even during chilling weather conditions, these batteries will fire up the engine like butter.

Buying guide

If you need a battery replacement, we prefer you go for an ACDelco battery. They are the best in the business. Before you grab a power unit for your vehicle, there are few important factors that you must take into consideration. Let’s take a look. 


Batteries come in varying sizes. This is where the battery group comes in. Your car will have compartments in the hood that supports a particular battery group. You will have to check the manual or ask professional help from the automobile garage to define the size. ACDelco batteries have a wide range of collections in their store. They have all kinds of ranging group sizes to meet your demand. Check out the review section. 

Sealed body

The batteries that we mentioned above are all AGM batteries. Which means they are sealed and don’t leak fluids. The advantage of sealed batteries is that you don’t need to change the water, like flooded batteries. AGM batteries are sealed and don’t require maintenance, which adds to your convenience. We, as experts, prefer sealed batteries over flooded ones.

Reserve capacity

The more the reserve capacity the better it will carry the loads. Batteries must have decent reserve capacity to back up the electronics of the vehicle. Even when kept idle, the reserve capacity helps the car to power up whenever needed. If the alternator fails, reserve capacity comes in handy and saves the day. Like the ACDelco group 48 in our list, it has a good enough reserve capacity of 120 minutes.

Cold-cranking amp

You must buy a battery that has enough CCA. Cold-cranking amp powers up the engine during harsh weather such as low temperature and all. Don’t overlook this factor, because you never know what weather condition you might run into. Give your battery a chance with a high cold cranking amp, such as the ACDelco Gold 94R battery which offers up to 850 CCA.


Batteries are electrical equipment and might fail anytime due to different issues. You should buy a battery that has warranty backup, replacement warranty. The majority of the ACDelco batteries on our list come with a 3-year replacement warranty or limited warranty. With these power boxes, you do not need to worry about failures. If you face any problem, there is always a scope to reach out to the dealers and they will get it fixed. 

Maintenance of ACDelco batteries

ACDelco abides by its motto of providing all-season batteries. They have introduced the AGM technology thus you don’t need to worry about maintenance anymore. The spill-proof, leak-proof design is something to cherish. All the harmful liquid remains intact inside the body and needs no water change. Just keep it working as it is, the battery will self maintain itself. 

There is no maintenance required with these batteries. You should always take care of electrical units for safety and uncompromised performance. 

All you can do is keep the terminals clean and make sure there is no interruption in the panels. When you are not using the car for a longer period, it’s better to unplug the battery to avoid power loss. Don’t let your car sit idle for months or years. For a battery to remain healthy always use your vehicle once or twice a week.

Top picks

1. ACDelco Gold B24R Group 51 battery – It is one of a kind group 51 battery with all good features stacked up. It has deep cycling capability, something that car enthusiasts long for. This battery has a 3x longer life span, allowing you to grind it and extract the best out of it over time. With high resistance and sufficient current conductivity, you get a powerful battery right out of the box. The reduced discharge rate and efficient cranking amps make it a top drawer power equipment. 

2. ACDelco Gold 94RAGM – This is a battery we rate highly because of its compatibility with different car brands. The likes of Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Kia, Volvo, Landrover and many others. It has improved acid circulation that makes the unit work efficiently no matter the condition. Durable construction, vibration resistant design all adds to the positives.

3. ACDelco Gold 48AGM – This battery has a low discharge rate and makes the battery work for a longer period. The AGM cell in this battery provides the highest current output, therefore there is no compromise with power. It has quality cranking power and sufficient reserve capacity to fire up the engine even in difficult circumstances. This is a robust battery that deserves a top spot in the AC Delco battery review. 


How long should an AC Delco battery last?

It depends on what kind of load you are putting on it and how much you are using it. On average ACDelco batteries last for 5 years or so. 

How to read the date code on an ACDelco battery?

The date code is mentioned on the top label of the battery. The first characters are P or S, then the next two digits resemble the month, the next numbers denote the year and lastly the manufacturing plant. For example, P074N, which means the battery was manufactured in July 2014.

How do I add water to my ACDelco battery?

You don’t need to add water to ACDelco batteries. They have AGM properties and are sealed, meaning they take care of themselves. 

What Is More Critical, CCA, Or Reserve Capacity?

A Cold-cranking amp refers to the ability of a battery to start at a cold temperature. Some batteries have low CCA and some high. If you are driving at a lower temperature, CCA is supercritical. A higher cold cranking rating works like magic on chilly temperatures. Whereas Reverse capacity helps to power up your vehicle’s electrical system even if the alternator fails. This is also as crucial as it can be. Even if your car sits idle, reserve capacity has the power to run the necessary electronics. Therefore, we say both factors are crucial for a battery.

Where to buy ACDelco batteries?

Apart from your local ACDelco dealers, Amazon is a reliable place to buy such batteries.

Final Verdict

There are numerous battery brands you will find in the market, some are reliable some are not. We came up with the 7 best ACDelco battery reviews for a reason. First and foremost, it is a genuine brand that you can depend on. They make top-notch batteries, fitting for all cars and vehicles. We have mentioned seven different group sizes that can be worked on ranging vehicles. All you need to do is work out your car’s needs and pick a battery that befits your vehicle. ACDelco has all sorts of versatile products to choose from. Check out our top 3 picks. The likes of ACDelco Gold B24R is one product we rate highly for its endurance and workability. What are you waiting for? It’s time to replace your worn-out car battery with the superlative one – ACDelco.

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