Are Northstar batteries good?

The Northstar battery is trendy for use in cable TV batteries, telecommunications, or to provide power in hybrid electric vehicles. It is also used in different sectors, like load leveling or uninterrupted power supply. 

This battery is well built and can provide a lot of electric power. But how good are these batteries? Or “Are Northstar batteries good?”

Yes, Norhstar battery is very good. This battery comes with thin plate lead technology. These plates are used as electrodes that don’t create a lot of internal resistance. That’s why it can store a lot of electricity. The chemistry inside it doesn’t allow it to produce sulfate a lot. That’s why it can provide more power. 

What is a NorthStar battery?

What is a NorthStar battery?

Northstar batteries are special lead-acid batteries. They use efficient technology to provide better cranking and charging. That’s why they have a perfect life span without requiring a lot of maintenance. 

It is very well built because of its high condensation structure, which offers 28 times more vibration resistance. That’s why it can last for a long time and provide perfect electric power.

Who makes Northstar batteries?

Who makes Northstar batteries

The Northstar batteries are made by the Northstar corporation, whose mother company is EnerSys. They started their journey in 2000 with the help of some of the best battery engineers in the world. This company sells batteries in more than 150 countries in the world.

What are the advantages of the NorthStar battery

What are the advantages of the NorthStar battery

5 Advantages of NorthStar batteries are described below:

1. The charging and discharging rates are very good

This battery provides a perfect charging and discharging rate. As a result, you can charge this battery faster and the charge will last for a longer time. 

Usually, the charging or discharging rate can be calculated by the multiplication of I10. It means how much current will get into the battery or get out of the battery in 10 hours. The I10 of this battery can reach up to 100Ah.

2. The inner reactions of the battery don’t decrease its life span

The inner components and chemicals of this battery are very good. They don’t cause much sulfation, which damages the battery’s ventilation system. It also doesn’t allow an increase in the inner resistance of the battery. As a result, the battery can provide more power.

3. It comes with perfectly shaped electrodes

Northstar Battery inside

The electrodes of this battery are thin in thickness. As a consequence, they don’t waste a lot of space in the battery, which increases the surface area of the battery. These areas are used for more chemical reactions. 

That’s why this battery can provide more power density (210 Ah current in a 12-volt battery). Also, they create only 2.2 mega ohms of resistance, which is very low and allows the battery to produce more power.

4. Longer life span

What are the advantages of the NorthStar battery

This battery can last more than 15 years if you take care of it perfectly. Though it doesn’t require much cleaning, you should clean it once in a while. Also, it is recommended to keep the battery temperature at less than 20 degrees for a better life span. 

With increasing temperatures, the life span gradually decreases. But it doesn’t fall a lot. Because of its EUROBAT design, it can last more than 12 years at a temperature of 40°.

5. This battery comes with a good shelf life

The shelf of this battery is well built. So it can last a long time if you can maintain the SOC up to 50%. The average shelf life of this battery is more than two years. However, if you maintain it properly, it can last up to 2 and a half years.

Are there any disadvantages? 

Are there any disadvantages

Usually, the Northstar batteries don’t have many disadvantages. However, it can cause some problems if you don’t use it properly. The problems are described below. 

It can damage the equipment if used improperly

If you don’t use it for the right types of jobs, like car audio systems, telecommunications, cable TV, or medical equipment, you may face some problems. All these systems require different types of voltage and power that Northstar batteries deliver. 

If you require more power, the battery can not deliver that much power, and it can cause damage to the battery and the equipment. In the worst-case scenario, the battery discharging rate can get lower and also start to short circuit.

The battery may cause sulfation

Are there any disadvantages

All types of batteries cause sulfation because of the chemical reaction that occurs inside them. But these sulfate rocks must be cleared from the battery top areas, otherwise, they start accumulating in the valve area. As a result, the battery can’t ventilate gas properly, which can explode the battery.

Should you pick it? 

The Northstar battery is perfectly built and can provide proper electricity if you use it properly. However, you can’t pick it up because these batteries are not available on the market. 

The mother company of this battery has changed, and it is now selling under a different name. The new company will be named Odyssey. They provide the same type of batteries as Northstar batteries. So you can pick them if you like.


Here are some commonly asked questions for you.

How long does a NorthStar battery last?

The float life of the NorthStar AGM battery is predicted to be longer. It has a lifespan of over 12 years. The life expectancy of this battery is up to four times that of a flooded lead-acid battery. 

Are Odyssey and NorthStar batteries the same?

Yes, Odyssey and NorthStar batteries are the same. They have the same parent company, whose name is EnerSys. Both of these batteries are manufactured at the Missouri plant in the United States. They are named Odyssey Extreme and NorthStar Pro, but they are similar in every way.

Are NorthStar batteries still made?

No, the North Star batteries aren’t still made. Their owner has changed. They are built by EnerSys in the Missouri plant in the USA. As their names were changed, they are now known as Odyssey batteries.

Are NorthStar batteries good for car audio?

Yes, Northstar batteries are good for car audio. These batteries are well built, so they don’t break any banks while being used for car audio. Their structure doesn’t allow them to vibrate because of the extreme sound. It provides enough power to use for a car audio system.


Are Northstar batteries good? Well, the Northstar battery is very good and is used in different types of workspaces. Because of the proper build and power efficiency of this battery, it can be used for various types of projects.

Yes, it is. This battery can hold a charge for a long time and doesn’t take much time to charge. That’s why it can last up to 20 years if you use it properly at the perfect temperature. The electrodes don’t cause much sulfation and don’t create a lot of internal resistance. 

However, if you don’t use it with proper care, it can explode. That’s why you should clean the sulfate of the valve areas regularly and maintain them properly. Don’t charge it for a long time. Use a multimeter to check its stats regularly so that you can understand if its inner components are working perfectly or not.

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