10 Best Deep Cycle Battery for rv- Reviews

So, you finally have a problem with your car starting battery? Right now going to share optima the best deep cycle battery for RV and you’re suitable. Follow the content below to know more information about this product. Which is the product is best for a comfortable starting battery.

All of them seem pretty good and you like this band. But what is the difference between YelloTop, RedTop, and BlueTop batteries? Is there a certain battery that only works on certain consoles, not others? But if you want to buy the perfect car starting battery, which would it be?

I never tell you what the perfect car starting is really since there is no such perfect anything. But I can tell you which is the best for different purposes and then you can choose the one that meets your needs.

If you want to learn more about optima batteries for car starting battery then you can read their individual reviews below.  And if you want to know more about this battery console in general, then you can read below an in-depth buyer’s guide that comes at the end.

Car Battery Price – Different kind of Deep Cycle Battery for RV

1. Optima Battery 8020- 164 35 Read Top Battery-best for car starting

optima red top battery

This Battery is so high power cranking ability in bad weather condition. Optima is great for heavy use by hot rods, high power, and starting ability. The unique design to another and ensuring the safety of your family and the environment.

It’s gives you higher service capacity. If you have to need longer shelf life power then optima 8020- 164 35 Read Top Battery needs it.

Product Features

  • It’s Reserve capacity is 90 minutes for good performance
  • Find a good service with bad weather – Polypropylene.
  • More than Fifteen times resistant to the vibration of durability.
  • Used High cranking amps
  • Good performance with hot climates
  • Compact in a size reserve capacity
  • Frustration-free packaging
  • Great reserve capacity
  • Super-short lifespan
  • Some pain for installation

2. Optima Battery 8014- 045 D34/78 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery


This car starting D34/78 YelloTop battery extra power provides for car driving and deep cycling capability. It’s your vehicle running lights high performance /AV system, winches, and hydraulics.

 This optima Batteries Yellow top is one of the different unique design provides a strong power source and ensuring safety environment. One of the most famous batteries is ideal for seasonal use that’s why it’s a very low self-discharge rate. So you can store your seasonal vehicles all winter continue without charging and after starting the block then winter is over.

Always you have to need the optima YellowTop is a high-performance AGM battery. Just a true dual peruse automotive battery. The main benefit of this battery is traditional with a 40-year history and right now it’s very demand in the market. That means it’s the most popular car starting battery and user-friendly. Optima D34/78 Yellotop provides a good service to another battery.

Product Features

  • It’s made in Optima and comes with a sturdy compact shape.
  • Its reserve capacity   120 minutes for good performance.
  • More than Fifteen times resistant to vibration for durability.
  • Even it provides a good service winter weather.
  • -55 Ampere hour with C20 Capacity.

Product Specification

[wptb id=131]

  • It’s package 750 Cold Cranking amps
  • 120 minutes of reserve capacity.
  • Perfect for bad weather.
  • Deep-cycle and cranking power.
  • First recharging and 300+ recharge cycles.
  • This does not fit your 020BMW 430i.
  • Short life-time at 1-2 years

3. Optima Battery 8004- 003 34/78 Read Top Battery-portable car battery

Optima car battery

One of the most propeller Optima battery reviews is the optima 34/78 RedTop. This designed high power cranking ability with winter weather conditions. It has great characters to use hot rods and off-roaders with leak-proof, high power, and r starting ability.

This battery package some of the heights cold-cranking amps (CCA)   out there and ensuring safe you, your family, and the environment.

It also gives you higher reserve capacity a longer shelf- life to give you the most power when you need it, where to need you.

One of the highest values on the market like 800 CCA.

Product Features

  • 12- Volt with cold Cranking Amps Dual SAE and GM port.
  • High Reserve capacity like 100 minutes for good performance.
  • Preface to col weather and easy installation.
  • More than Fifteen times resistant to vibration for durability.
  • Best car battery for cold weather.

Product Specification

[wptb id=149]

  • It’s easy and fast to install
  • No another trickle charger for the non-active car.
  • High reserve capacity.
  • Good performed for cold weather.
  • Strong starting burst & faster recharging.
  • Short life-time like 1-2 Years.
  • Here are two ports Positive and negative awkward distance apart.

4. Optima Batteries 8171 -767 (DS46B4R) Yellow-Top Dual Prius- Optima car battery review

yellowtop 4
  • The YellowTop is high- performance AGM battery has everything you need. It’s one of the dual-purpose vehicle batteries available. It’s perfect for modern accessory-loaded vehicles with premium cranking power and impressive cycling capability. Trucks with winches, vehicles with the popularity
  • Hardware and audio frameworks, commercial vehicles and would all be able to depend on
  • Super lightweight
  • 3 _years warranty
  • Electronic service really good
  • Up to 3x longer life & maintenance-free
  • 15 times vibration resistance
  • Prone to damage if hit.
  • A bit expensive

5. 12 Volt batteries for boats – 8016-103 D34M BlueTop Starting and Deep Cycle Marine Battery


This optima battery 1016-103 D34M is perfect for starting and deep cycling of RVs and boats. If you have to need an optima Battery for your RV, then you can choose the D34 model for you. I’m recommending this battery why not this battery is a dual-purpose unit. That’s men’s I would like to say it acts starting and deep cycle battery.

Both starting and deep cycle for people who need a sure-starting strong cranking and maintenance-free power source for this boat or RV with bad weather. This battery designed to be used in old cars or boats with large loads.

Product futures

  • Optima starting power with winter weather.
  • More than  40 years of history and the latest battery in the market.
  • Works batter as a boat battery or RV battery.
  • Its reserve capacity is 120 minutes for constant performance.
  • This product also used spiral cell technology.

Product Specification

[wptb id=151]

  • Perfect for vehicle and deep cycling of RVs and boats.
  • Lightweight construction and unique design.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Constant performances even in harsh conditions.
  • Suitable as a boat battery or RV battery.
  • Prone to damage if hit.
  • Not easy to install for the vehicle.
optima batteries

Is it for the build?

It’s made very comfortable and suitable for RVs or boats. So it’s the best choice for RVs and boats.

6. Optima Batteries 8052-161 D34M Blue-Top Starting and Deep Cycle Marine Battery

yellow top 1

The list of Optima batteries BlueToop it’s another great model is D34M that will be start your boats or RVs.

Has one amazing future the unbelievable 155 minutes of reserve capacity. I find a information main reason why it works effectively for deep cycling.

I’m so excited for inform you that it’s a double-purpose battery, that’s men’s you can start and deep cycle you boat.

So it provides a good service. This Optima batteries D34M BlueTop model starting power is also impressive, rated at 900 CCA this is so powerful. And if you want to, you will find it very easy to use for your car or any other place.

Product Features

  • Constant performance for reserve capacity of 155 minutes.
  • More than Fifteen times resistant to vibration.
  • Starting power even in bad weather.
  • The ultimate power source.
  • It’s a double-purpose battery.
  • Deep Cycle Battery for rv

Product Specification

[wptb id=154]

  • 900 cold-cranking amps
  • Reserve capacity of 155 minutes for portable good performance.
  • So easy to mount.
  • Is ideal for starting and deep cycling.
  • Few large and heavy.
  • It’s a short warranty.

7. Optima Batteries 8012-021 D34 Yellow-Top Dual Purpose Best Car Battery

Optima Batteries 8012 021 D34 Yellow Top Dual Purpose Battery

One of the most popular optima YellowTop battery provide multiple electronic service. Such as typical engine starting vehicles DVD player and include charging system.

This battery provides extra performance and deep-cycling capability. It has many accessories like running lights AV system or hydraulics. The SprialCell technology design provides a strong and clean power source and ensuring the safety of you and the environment. But this battery is ideal for seasonal use because of its very low self-discharge rate. So you car store your seasonal vehicles all winter without regular charging.

It’s awesome quite! As long as you needs are basic, this battery will be good. Still,you will enjoy a 120 times reserve capacity.

This battery has some decent level vibration resistance, although it made with the AGM construction.

Product Features

  • Has reserve capacity 120 minutes for good performance.
  • It’s optimal starting power starting even winter weather.
  • It’s awesome quite! Fifteen times more resistant to vibration for durability.
  • Although this has to do with AGM construction.

Product Specification

[wptb id=157]

  • Best car battery for cold weather
  • the battery has some decent level vibration resistance.
  • Coms with a unique design.
  • Deep cycle service capacity.
  • Ultimate power, for the ultimate professional.
  • Don’t care a lot of maintenance.
  • It’s not suitable for running most cars.
  • Short power.

8. Optima Batteries 8003- 151 34r Red-Top Car Starting Battery

Car starting battery

This Optima Batteries Race proved for every road, every day. This unite Delivers the strongest burst of cranking power and withstands the most extreme forces.

The RedTop high-performance AGM battery is the ultimate starting battery for the car, truck, boat/RVs, etc. It’s absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery are sealed & free-maintenance. Mainly Optima RedTop batteries is the best suited for vehicles that have alternators capable of keeping up with all electrical loads. It has a good future like RedTop dual purpose battery will be a better choice.

It has higher reserve capacity gives you a longer drive to give you the power.

Product Features

  • Optimal starting power even in bad weather. Inter resistance is 0.003
  • More than 15 times more resistant to vibration for durability.
  • Reserve capacity of 100 minutes for best performance.
  • This product is unavailable on Catalina Island
  • 12- volt. 800 Cold-cranking Amps.
  • Faster recharging.
  • Maintenance-free with up to 2x longer life.

Product Specification

[wptb id=160]

  • Strong starting burst
  • 15 times the vibration resistance
  • Maintenance-free with 2x longer life
  • Faster recharging
  • AGM battery is the ultimate starting battery
  • Few Reserve Capacity

9. Optima Batteries 8073- 167 D51R optima battery Yello top Starting Battery

optima battery yello top

This battery Deep cycle powering the electronics in your car. Here is a list of finally time to the deep cycle batteries. You can get everything like running-lights, high-performance stereo/AV system, and hydraulics.

Product Features

450 Cold Cranking Amps,

  • Product Reserve-capacity of 66 minutes for constant performance.
  • Optimal starting power with bad weather.
  • Include Fifteen times more resistant to vibration for durability service
  • 2+ Years of battery life
  • 575 CA with Deep Cycle
  • AGM batteries.
  • Deep Cycle
  • Great lightweight
  • Tree year warranty
  • Power electronics really good
  • Faster recharging and 300+ discharge cycles
  • Weak reserve capacity for YellowTop
  • Very low cold-cranking amps

Best Deep Cycle battery for rv Buying Guides– Optima RedTop, Optima YellowTop, Optima BlueToop

Batteries for car

First things are first. You can buy the market’s best batteries, it’s important to know what you actually looking for. So to help you, find a few features to check before searching for the perfect battery.

Different Types of Batteries

You have one question all batteries do the same work. Yes right, you think. After all, they all give power to your car, boats, or RVs. But the question is? when it comes to how to deliver power to your car, things a bit more difficult. Actually, you’ll find batteries in different voltages, sizes, prices, and other more. So it’s most important to pick the right one for your car or boats/RVs.

  • Lighting, Starting and Ignition (LSI)

It’s one of the most popular hands down battery out there. Really its work is all in the name. Its battery is good for your car started. But more than, provides energy to your car’s essential functions. Here are include lights, ignition, etc.

But remember that SLI will require more frequent recharges than other batteries. So  be careful that, when buying.

  • Lead-Acid

Don’t like this inform? When this battery is for you! Lead –acid batteries are spill-proof.  In other words mess proof.

The bad side here is that these batteries are sealed. So it also prevents servicing. That means your battery performance problems, the only solution is buying a new battery. So here are loos your budget?

 The popular lead acid type you’ll often see with Optima batteries is glass mat (AGM). This glass mat hold the electrolytes. Oh yes! They’re still spill-proof.

  • Wet cell

Actually, wet cell type battery there are your budget batteries. Such as ,it built up very cheaply. So more expect maintenance and servicing here. Generally, you can’t find these too frequently under the Opitma group.

  • Deep Cycle

Hi, are you looking for a long battery lifespan? Then a Deep Cycle is one of the most popular ways to go! Generally, they’re the yellowTop Optima batteries. And it works perfectly for powering constant performance even in bad weather.

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)

I think freezing temperatures. already you understand seen the name cold-cranking amps. That’ simple, it refers to your battery’s starting power in below

You know batteries are made with chemicals. So when becoming cold weather then power is below freezing temperatures.

So that time you feel the battery is something different performances. Such as , if you’re living in cold weather like(Fargo, Rochester, Denver, etc/) , a special note of this spec.

  • Reserve Capacity

You’ll want the highest number in minutes possible. It long time your-full charged battery will power your car’s.

What time is need it? When the time you sit in a parking lot with the engine off. Maybe you buddy desperately needed a rest stop. It passes the time you turn on the radio. The RC tells you how long the battery will power the radio before it completely drains.

Why Optima? Best Car Battery

Get an easy Best deep cycle battery for rv. Before long years and right now, optima built a reputation as one of the battery brands for your car. Here are you’ll find some remarkable qualities. And,  best car battery for cold weather.

General, it’s great for your health, giving especially other cars a jump. If your use saving the planet, it’s less harmful to the environment. It won’t emit near the toxic gasses as other batteries.

You can see that optima batteries contain a gel substance instead of liquid. So, you get a good essentially result easy no spills or messes ever.

Please Note: There are three types of Optima batteries out there, Optima YellowTop Battery, Optima RedTop Battery, Optima BlueTop Battery. You can see below, these are different and each has its own unique pros and cons.

What’s the difference between Optima RedTop, YellowTop, and BlueTop?

You can buy Optima battery follow always be tricky process. There are three high-quality type of batteries are here. So therefore, it’s essential you know about all battery.

  • Optima Red Top Batteries

The optima RedTop Batteries is the right choice for car starting battery. It doesn’t have accessories car audio system or a mobile charger. Before the time you read any Optima RedTop Batteries Review, hope you know about it like this is a starting battery. When starting your car about uses 5%   charge, but your car easily recharges when the alternator kicks in.

This RedTop  you can works for a truck, gasoline power and recreational car . The Optima RedTop Batteries works with heavy systems  that draw a great power when starting.

  • Optima Yellow Top Batteries

The Optima Yellow Top is a dual purpose battery it provides Deep Cycle power. Generally, it is suitable for vehicles to require a lot of power like car audio system cars starting and that drain more charger can replace.

This battery is perfect for a race car and any high-performance car. It’s a good future, you car use it two types of an operator like DC to AC.

Allover, it’s the right battery for a car with aftermarket audio systems. If this car system is 250W or more than the OEM system, it’s the best choice for a YellowTop battery.

  • Optima Blue Top Batteries

The Optima Battery BlueTop is the ideal and suitable for recreational and boats or RVs. There are two model and both are perfect for starting cars, like starting and deep cycleing dual-purpose.

The dual-purpose Blue Top (light gray case) you can be used for both starting and deep cycle. It’s really deep cycle battery with extremely high power. This Optima battery is so suitable for uses trolling motors, marine applications with heavy electrical accessories, and RVs.

Different Between Optima RedTop, YellowTop, BlueTop

Final Word

Of everything we’ve looked at above, those five optima deep cycle batteries for rv all offer something to great. Hope  we are discuses  the above list  Optima Battery Reviews has provided what a need to get full criteria and prices of batteries for your car, boat, RVs or other types of automobile.

So don’t be afraid to read our guide more. To make your decision from there what you need for your car or something like that. Optima 34/78 RedTop Starting Battery.Optima 25 RedTop Starting Battery. Really, it’s a reserve capacity of 3 hours and freakishly high CCA. This battery is perfect for any Off-road. So it’s not a just great battery! It has another something.

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