Best Group 65 Battery for 2022- Reviews & Ultimate guide

Best Group 65 Battery

Do you ride a heavy-duty vehicle that has a mammoth engine capacity? Is your battery not providing sufficient power to your four-wheeler? Well, then you are certainly in need of the best group 65 battery. 

With a group 65 battery, you don’t have to worry about the unnecessary stopping of your car in the midst of nowhere. Such batteries are made to serve the heavyweights and easily work on standard cars if they have compatibility.

Today we have decided to show you some of the best group 65 batteries to assure you a quality driving experience. 

What is group 65?

Don’t be perplexed by the numbering. Group 65 is a specific battery size administered by the BCI. The main criteria of this battery are that it differs in size from other groups and is well suited for larger vehicles, even smaller ones. These types of units measure approximately 11.85×7.40×7.40 inches and fit cars that have size compatibility. They come with a reserve capacity (RC) of 120-150. These have around 56-69 aH(Amp-hours) and have a cold cranking amp (CCA) of 700-930

Product reviews

1. ODYSSEY 65-PC1750T Automotive and LTV Battery

ODYSSEY 65-PC1750T Automotive and LTV Battery

If you are looking for a rugged battery that performs like a monster, the ODYSSEY 65-PC1750T can perform wonders for you. The brand itself is something that you can rely on. They have been manufacturing top of the line batteries for all sorts of vehicles.

With this battery, you don’t have to worry about it failing in different weather conditions. This is not going to die due to harsh weather, that’s for sure. It can do the hardest task, which is to keep the engine running during weather hazards. It has a 950 cold cranking amp, which also makes it the highest CCA group 65 battery. 

You can put on a high load and worry less with this battery. It can take loads and work efficiently no matter what. With a 145-minute reserve capacity, your vehicle is in good hands. That’s not all, it produces 2250 amps in just 5 seconds, giving it enough starting power. 

What you will get here is a deep cycle recharge with an 80 % discharge rate. Even when the vehicle is not running this can cover up for accessories in your car. This unit is a unit made of an absorbed glass mat (AGM). It can be moved in different positions without worrying, it also requires low maintenance to work smoothly, making it top the best group 65 AGM battery list.

What else do you want? We have picked this battery for its durability and the performance it offers. It has a service life of up to 10 years, longer than any batteries out there. The charging is super fast and convenient. In just 4-5 hours you can fully charge the ODYSSEY 65. The construction of this item is commendable. It can withstand shocks and vibrations from the road and continue working effortlessly. It doesn’t spill liquid nor does it shies away in low temperatures.


  • Extensive life span (10 years)

  • 70% longer life cycle

  • Performs in extreme weather conditions

  • Durable, long-lasting battery

  • Excellent starting power

  • AGM factors, makes it spill-free and movable

  • Easy to mount

  • It is expensive

  • Customer service is not up to the mark

2. NORTHSTAR Pure Lead Automotive Group 65 Battery

NORTHSTAR Pure Lead Automotive Group 65 Battery

The NSB-AGM65 from Northstar is another workhorse on our list. When the manufacturer is confident of providing a long-serving battery, what can be wrong with it? Well, there is nothing wrong. This is a long-lasting battery that will suffice your cards. 

It comes with a reserve capacity of 135 minutes that will surely be enough to work on the constant load and withstand a huge load without budging. The external accessories in your car will be safe and functioning with this battery’s high reserve capacity.

Let’s move on to its durability and work rate during harsh temperatures. With this battery, you don’t need to worry about low temperatures anymore. Your vehicle won’t stop in snowy or chilly conditions. This battery is made to boost the car engine even during compromising temperatures. It has a cold cranking amp of 930, which is excellent in terms of performance.

It boasts the AGM factor. The construction is rigid and ensures spill-free service. It can be mounted and moved in different positions without having to worry about water leaks. The body of this battery is shock-resistant, allowing you to drive on terrains without having to compromise your skills.

What we love about it is that it offers fast charging and long service life. The design and shape are super sturdy and can be fitted in OEM slots without unnecessary modifications. The best thing about this battery is that it is environmentally friendly. We rank this unit highly as the best group 65 car battery.

  • Non-hazardous 

  • Sturdy body

  • Has a longer lifespan

  • Fast charging unit

  • Provides decent starting power

  • Supports OEM fitment

  • Functional during high and low temperature

  • Spill free

  • Shock and vibration resistant

  • Environment-friendly unit

  • Has fitting issues in some vehicles

3. Delphi BU9065 MaxStart AGM Premium Automotive Battery

Delphi BU9065 MaxStart AGM Premium Automotive Battery

The Delphi BU9065 is a power unit that is made of the highest quality materials and provides an adequate boost to a car engine. If your vehicle is compatible with group 65 batteries, you better go for this Delphi item. It is excellent value for the money and has a trustworthy brand to back up the performance. 

From your vehicle windows, RPMs, heated car seats, DVDs, etc will all be revived and kept working at optimum with this battery. This battery comes with 150 minutes reserve capacity that works like magic and boosts your car no matter the workload. 

If you are thinking of driving through low-temperature weather, worry no more. The Delphi BU9065 has a 750 CCA that will make sure your battery starts and runs at a harsh temperature without any hitch. This is a lead-acid AGM battery that is constructed to withstand vibrations 20x better than other batteries.

It is spillproof and has the flexibility to be mounted in different positions. It has optimized component compression, fortified posts, straps, and welds for more safety. 

We are fond of this item for its quick recharge time and extended life cycle. It provides adequate power to the vehicle and works best in any given weather condition. It also fits for OEM battery replacements. More importantly, it is corrosion resistant and vibration resistant giving it a longer serving life. With convenient cranking power for heavy-duty vehicles and standard four-wheelers, this is one hell of a battery. 


  • Fast recharging capability

  • Durable construction

  • Longer serving life

  • Vibration resistant

  • Spill-proof

  • Suitable for working in varying temperature

  • Can work higher loads with 150 reserve minutes

  • Fits OEM replacements

  • Affordable 

  • Some complaints about the battery not holding the charge for long

  • Durability is not up to the mark

4. XS Power D6500 XS Series 12V 3,900 Amp AGM High Output Battery

XS Power D6500 XS Series 12V 3,900 Amp AGM High Output Battery

XS Power D6500 is manufactured for racing fanatics. If your car needs a high-performance battery, look no further. You have the upper hand to choose from its ranging from 12V, 14V, and 16V units depending on your need. 

It has different weight limits, from 12-30 pounds. This allows you to pick a unit that is suitable for your car. The XS Power D6500 has been tested assiduously for the best outcome. 

The manufacturer has put this item through various high-speed tests. They have worked the battery on dirt tracks to smooth roads. 

This is an AGM battery and has all the wonderful features. Such as spill-proof design, high-quality casing for shock absorption in a speeding vehicle. It can be mounted in any given position, therefore you can be assured that it can withstand impacts and still run like a horse. 

We have this unit on our list because of its versatility. Not only is it viable for speedy cars, but it is also crafted to produce enough power to win through audio competition. Yes, you have seen it right. XS Power has been ruling the audio industry and this unit is no exception. 


  • Ultra-low internal resistance

  • Hard-wearing battery

  • M6 terminal components

  • Comes in varying voltage and weight selection

  • Maximum current flow

  • High reserve capacity

  • Functional with speedy cars

  • Ideal for vehicles with masseuse sound system

  • On the pricey end

  • No standard terminal

5. Deka 9A65 AGM Intimidator Battery

Deka 9A65 AGM Intimidator Battery

For passenger cars, SUVs and Trucks the DEKA 9A65 is a good choice. This item has a fast-charging capability and provides adequate power to run all the necessary electronics in your car, along with your engine. 

It provides constant performance, no matter the condition. The construction is super durable and made to withstand vibrations from bumpy roads. Not only it resists shocks, but it also resists spills and leaks from the battery. With the 9A65 mounted on your vehicle, hit the terrain without any worries.

This battery can endure a high workload and has twice the lifecycle of orthodox batteries. With its 150 minutes reserve capacity it will deliver fast, reliable power to all the demanding loads in your car along with the engine. It comes with 750A cold-cranking power that allows you to work in the harshest of conditions. No matter if it’s cold or hot in terms of weather, it can endure everything and keep functioning.

We picked this battery for its convenient design, which is easy to fit and install on your car. It’s suitable for Vans, Trucks, SUVs, and standard cars. It is built to give an extremely powerful performance and is super durable for long-lasting usage. This item is certainly the best group 65 truck battery you can have.


  • Vibration resistant

  • Spill-proof

  • Fast charging

  • Sturdy materials

  • Longer lifespan

  • Provides maximum current

  • Works well even with varying climate changes

  • Provides enough power for vehicles external units

  • Customer service needs to be looked at

  • Minor complaints about the battery swelling after a year or two

6. ACDelco 65AGMHRC Professional automotive battery

ACDelco 65AGMHRC Professional automotive battery

No matter if you are into off-road driving, this is a battery that is made to function in all conditions. The ACDelco 65AMGHR is one of the best group 65 batteries in the market that is functional not only for heavy-duty automobiles but also for marine and industrial use. 

With supreme starting power, this is going to boost your car’s engine in no time. ACDelco is a renowned brand that the majority of automobile enthusiasts rely on. They made quality AGM batteries, and this product is no exception. 

With its AGM construction, you will get no-spill outs from the body and most importantly it can be rotated and mounted in any position. This battery is super durable and you can ride on the roughest roads without any damage to the unit. 

It has an oxygen recombination system that resists overheating and curbs down the water loss. Due to this feature, you can be worry-free of overheating engine failure. It can be charged fast and has a 120 minutes reserve capacity that allows it to work with heavy loads.

The 750 cold-cranking amp is what adds to its functionality. It can work its magic even at high temperature and even low temperature accordingly. If you are working with many accessories and gadgets in your car, this battery is a suitable pick to power them even when the car is idle. 

We like this unit for its good recharge capability, offering more starts. It resists vibration from the road, therefore can be used in smooth tracks and terrain as well. It is a deep cycling battery that sustains power very well. It has a tough exterior and a longer lifespan than its compatriots.


  • Can withstand extreme heat and cold temperature

  • Durable construction

  • Longer lifespan

  • Spill free design

  • Vibration resistant

  • Provides good depth of discharge

  • Supports industrial and marine use

  • Excellent starting power

  • A tad heavy compared to other units

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Best Group 65 Batteries Buying Guide

As you know group 65 batteries are made for heavy-duty vehicles. It can also efficiently run standard cars. Buying the best group 65 battery for your vehicle is highly recommended. Before you go on to purchase the item, you must consider some important factors such as.  


Car batteries come in different sizes. They are manufactured to fit different car housing. That being said you simply cannot cement a group 65 battery on a group 27 or 51 casing. Car batteries come in different sizes, widths, and lengths. You must check your user manual if your car is compatible with group 65 batteries. You can also seek help from a professional automobile expert if you are confused about the sizing. A correct size fitting will comfortably sit on the front battery tray. Proper fitting ensures a damage-free ride.

Cold-cranking amp

CCA simply cannot be overlooked when it comes to car batteries. Batteries usually endure varying weather changes and that takes a toll on their power generation. With high cold-cranking amps, batteries tend to grind through and function even in the harshest of weather. Batteries should be able to crank power even at zero degrees Fahrenheit surrounding. Therefore a peaking CCA is super necessary otherwise you might face engine failures or stalls due to low temperature. A battery should also have enough cranking amps (CA) to deal with high temperatures. 

Reserve capacity

Car Batteries must have a good reserve capacity to work proficiently. The best battery should always run for an extended period in a single charge. The more the reserve capacity the better the battery will function and produce optimum power for all the equipment. The reserve capacity is a savior. It works as a backup even if the alternator fails.


As batteries grow older, they tend to have less strength. You have seen it right. Batteries deteriorate over time, therefore we prefer you to grab something as new as possible for the best outcome. Don’t buy a battery that is more than 6 months old. 


Some battery manufacturers claim that their batteries are made to last years after years. You better pick something that has a physical warranty and service. Even though group 65 batteries tend to have a lifespan of 5 years on average. Still, it’s better if you purchase something that has a warranty. So that if there are any mishaps, you could easily have it serviced or changed. Some companies will offer you a 1-year year warranty and others cover it up for 3,4, 5 years or more. 

Maintaining Tips for a Group 65 Battery

Batteries require maintenance to tor smoothly, but not all batteries fall into the category. In this write up we mentioned group 65 batteries that are AGM batteries and such batteries require very less or no maintenance at all. AGM batteries are sealed and thus it doesn’t spill and more importantly, it absorbs shocks from impact. AGM batteries use a sealed body and liquid electrolyte that sustains the battery without having to be replaced. 

Although such batteries need no maintenance, you must always take care of the units to refrain from unwanted damages. There are few things you can do to keep your battery functional. Such as:

– Don’t let your battery sit idle for too long ( Months, years). Fire up the battery and drive your car occasionally to keep it in good shape.

– Make sure there is no interruption in the power. You can do it by keeping the terminals clean with a wire brush. Don’t put any metal objects on the terminals, it can induce short circuits.

– While disconnecting the battery, always go for the negative terminal.

– When the car is not in use, it is better to disconnect the battery to counter the loss of power.

Difference between battery groups and advantages of group 65 battery

The main difference between battery groups is the sizing. For example group 51 batteries are usually 9.37×5.06×8.81 inches approximately whereas group 65 batteries are 11.85×7.40×7.40 inches more or less. Similarly, group 27 batteries have different ratings. 

Apart from the size, group 65 batteries are suitable for industrial and marine use. It also provides significantly higher power output. It also has a higher reserve capacity to utilize bigger loads. This battery type is crafted to work under low temperatures with enough cold-cranking amps. They are resistant to vibration and shocks even if you drive on terrains. 

The best Group 65 batteries. Top Picks

There is numerous excellent group 65 batteries in the market but we have decided to highlight the best three according to us. We have picked these items in terms of their durability and performance in different circumstances. 

1. ODYSSEY 65-PC1750T – This is a long-lasting battery right out of the box, with a service life of 3-10 years. It performs exceedingly well even in extreme weather conditions. With sufficient reserve capacity, this unit holds a charge for a longer period. This battery can work through high load capacity without budging.

2. ACDelco 65AMGHR – A true leader when it comes to group 65 batteries. It boasts 750 CCA to work under lower temperatures and has an excellent 120 minutes of reserve capacity, capable of powering the car engine efficiently along with all the other accessories. It is also a fast-charging that saves time and most importantly it is fittable in OEM units.

3. NORTHSTAR NSB-AGM65 –  If you are looking for a durable product, this is it. It is a perfect fit for luxury vehicles and SUVs. With its 930 ah CCA it can withstand low temperature at will and provide sufficient power to run your car no matter what. It is heat resistant and made of sturdy materials, destined to last for ages.


What is the best group 65 battery?

We have already mentioned our top 3 picks. ODYSSEY 65-PC1750T tops the list because of its positive features. 

Who makes the best group 65 batteries?

Manufacturers like ACDelco, Odyssey, and Northstar make high-quality batteries including group 65 ones.

What does battery group size mean?

Battery group size refers to the size of the battery. For example, 51r batteries take less space than group 65 batteries. Similarly, group 27 batteries have a smaller body. Group size indicates the overall dimension and fitting. 

What vehicles can fit group 65 batteries?

Group 65 batteries are mid-sized batteries suitable for Trucks and SUVs. Standard cars with compatible space on the engine compartment can fit group 65 batteries as well.

What is the best battery for trucks?

The Deka 9A65 is an excellent voice for trucks. The ODyssey in our top ranking is also a viable fit for trucks.

Final verdict

If you are seeking a battery for your truck or SUV, you must take a peek at the group 65 category. They are mid-sized batteries designed to power up heavy-duty vehicles. Don’t worry even if you are a noob when it comes to battery knowledge. If you’ve read through this article you are now familiar with the best group 65 batteries. We have cherry-picked the items in terms of their reserve capacity, cold-cranking amps, CA, and durability for longer runs. Check out the items yourself and decide on your preference. If you ask for our recommendation we would point out the ODYSSEY 65-PC1750T as the number one battery. That being said, don’t miss out on the other products we have mentioned. They all pack a punch and are designed to boost your car’s performance in every possible way.

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