How Long Do AC Delco Batteries Last?

ACDelco is one of the finest battery brands in the AGM battery world. Along with showing the ultimate performance, they have also proven their longevity. Despite having a simple build quality, its construction is reliable worldwide. Newbies with ACDelco may ask- how long do ac Delco batteries last? 

Well, the truth is you can’t predict the longevity of a battery by a specific time interval. Batteries are so much unpredictable as they deal with a lot of factors. However, it’s observed that most ACDelco batteries can run around 4-5 years. The interval can be a little bit longer if you go through proper maintenance. 

Before expanding a battery’s life, you should focus on how to ensure the expected life first. Irregular charging habit, using the wrong charger, improper use, etc. plays a big negative role here. Unless you want to lose your ACDelco battery earlier, start caring for it from today. 

What determines the longevity of an ACDelco battery?

What determines the longevity of an ACDelco battery

ACDelco batteries can last in the very long run. But, it needs proper caring as well as following some rules. Some factors affect the longevity of battery life. If you can overcome the following factors, your ACDelco battery will be long-lasting for sure. 

Charging procedure

Deep cycle batteries like ACDelco batteries require proper charging. The first thing to perform is using the right charger. Unless you use the factory-recommended charger, the battery may not complete the full charging cycle. As a result, its discharge rate will be at its peak after a few months. And, the battery will die. 

AC Delco Batteries Charging procedure

The next thing to consider is completing the charging cycle. Charging your ACDelco battery fully prevents sulfation damage to the plates. It’s important to prevent deterioration of your battery life. All deep cycle AGM batteries come with a three-stage charging mechanism. Charging the battery with recommended time interval ensures a prolonged battery life. 

Weather condition

What determines the longevity of an ACDelco battery

Extremely rough weather isn’t convenient for charging your ACDelco battery. The electrolytes inside the battery may get coagulated due to cold weather. If the temperature is below -20 degrees celsius, the ACDelco battery will lose its 30% performance. It can’t show even 1% of its performance if the temperature increases a few more degrees. 

Also, hot weather is a great enemy of the ACDelco battery. Extremely high temperature makes the battery hot after using it for a certain time. A hot battery isn’t good for any vehicle as well as its longevity. So, try to use the battery when the weather condition is acceptable.

Proper storing

What determines the longevity of an ACDelco battery

The first thing to remember about proper storing is you have to charge the battery fully. It’s a kind of open secret to extending battery life. Batteries don’t sit idle when it’s not used under any vehicle. Their internal chemicals always intend to react. Therefore, every battery gets discharged over time. The discharge rate varies according to the brand and maintenance. 

Ensuring a dry environment is the key to properly storing a battery. Either hot or cold weather to the storing place isn’t accepted. Only ambient room temperature is the best choice for storing a battery. If you’re going to store it for a long time, you need to recharge the battery from time to time. 

Discharging the battery wisely

What determines the longevity of an ACDelco battery

A lot of cases came around where users don’t discharge the battery properly. Some of them think that every time it’s necessary to ensure the zero voltage level. Another group thinks that they should recharge the battery even if one-third is charged. 

This big problem has only one solution- follow your product manual strictly. Usually, AGM batteries get discharged at a 1% to 3% rate per month. When the voltage level of the AGM battery is 14.6v – 14.8v, you can use it as usual. Wait until the voltage level is too down to recharge the battery. Discharging and charging at the right time brings a big change in battery performance. 

How to improve the lifespan of an ac Delco battery?

How to improve the lifespan of an ac Delco battery

Some tricks may help you to improve the lifespan of ACDelco batteries. Let’s check them out. 

  • Using the right charger is the biggest secret to improving the lifespan of an ACDelco battery. In that case, you need an authentic charger and charge the battery timely. Factory-recommended chargers are always welcome for a battery’s longevity. 
  • Charging an ACDelco battery partially is the worst decision. It can reduce the lifespan of the battery by up to 60%. All AGM batteries including the ac Delco battery go through 3-step charging. Partial charging can’t fulfill these steps and so, its discharge rate increases day by day. 
  • Using an alternator temperature sensor is a great idea to improve the battery lifespan. Its external regulator helps to fight the expected alternators received from the ACDelco battery. 
  • Never discharge your battery fully every time. It creates a bad impact on the electrolytes of the battery. Go through the manual to understand what’s the recommended recharge level. 

Frequently Ask Questions

Here you know some related questions about ac Delco batteries. 

Which brand of AA battery lasts the longest?

Lithium AA batteries are manufactured by several reputed brands all over the world. Among them, the Energizer L92VP Ultimate Lithium AAA battery is everyone’s favorite. It’s long-lasting as well as shows enchanting performance. 

Who makes AC Delco automotive batteries?

ACDelco automotive batteries are mainly manufactured by General Motors. This is the parent company of ACDelco batteries. They’ve been manufacturing ACDelco batteries since 1916. Their headquarters is situated in Michigan, U.S.A. 


ACDelco batteries’ longevity is worth their pricing. Their simple build quality and extraordinary performance can attract anyone’s mind easily. The problem is people lose their trust in a specific brand after using their product inappropriately. 

Like other AGM batteries, ACDelco batteries also need some maintenance. At least, they deserve regular charging, proper discharging, and expedient storage. As an extension, you can check its voltage regularly to understand its discharge condition. 

Whether you’re using the battery or storing it- make sure to provide the ambient temperature. Once you obey these basic rules, you’ll magically see an improvement in the performance of the battery. Also, the battery is going to be long-lasting more than your expected.

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