How Long Do Odyssey Batteries Last? Does it last longer?

Odyssey batteries are made for high-end activities. These batteries can deliver enormous power when required due to advanced components such as electrolytes and electrodes. But How Long Do Odyssey Batteries Last? Will it last longer than others?

Well, on average, an odyssey battery can last from 3-to 8 years. You can extend the longevity of your Odyssey battery with proper maintenance and regular diagnostics. Doing these may extend the service span up to 12 years as well.

This information is very important while getting a new battery because the batteries do not come cheap. Besides, there are a lot of factors on which the battery life is dependent.

How Long Do Odyssey Batteries Last?- Extreme Series

How Long Do Odyssey Batteries Last

There are lots of models of batteries in the Odyssey Extreme Series. The batteries enlisted in this series are high-performance batteries of different sizes and shapes but with the same power. These batteries have a lifespan of up to 12 years on average, including the storage period.

After installation, an odyssey battery can serve your vehicle for about 8 years without breakdown. But a well-maintained Odyssey battery can also conveniently last from 3 to 10 years. It means the storage period of an Odyssey battery is about 2 years without any sort of degradation.

How long do Odyssey AGM batteries last?

How Long Do Odyssey Batteries Last

The Absorbed Glass mat (AGM) batteries possess the longest lifespan compared to wet cell or gel-cell batteries. Since most odyssey batteries are made in the AGM format, the service period is more or less similar.

You may get a total of 10 years of service time with your Odyssey AGM batteries. It is provided that the battery is well maintained and always recharged perfectly. The AGM technology increases the lifespan of an Odyssey battery twice the conventional lead-acid batteries.

What determines the lifespan of an Odyssey battery?

What determines the lifespan of an Odyssey battery

The Odyssey batteries are well known for their instant high cranking power delivery and longevity. New technologies of construction and equipment determine the lifespan of an Odyssey battery.

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Technology

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Technology

This is the primary reason why Odyssey batteries have a longer lifespan than all other conventional batteries on the market. The AGM technology is used to separate the cells inside the battery. Instead of liquid electrolytes, the AGM separators keep the electrolytes in absorbed formation.

Therefore, a more effective electrochemical reaction reduces the loss of the flow of electrons. Moreover, due to the AGM technology, the Odyssey battery does not require refilling with distilled water to keep the ion balance inside the battery.

The AGM technology ensures no electrolyte leakage even if the battery experiences high vibration. Hence, all these help improve the service life of an Odyssey battery.

High-Quality Electrodes

In the Odyssey batteries, very fine and pure Lead plates are used as the positive and electrodes. In some of the Series of models, Lead-calcium electrodes are also found. The high purity of the electrodes ensures longer and uninterrupted electrochemical reactions.

Besides, the physical dimension of the lead plates also enhances the longevity of the Odyssey battery. The lead plates in the Odyssey batteries are very thin. Its reduced cross-sectional area improves the flow of electrons to and from the electrolytes.

More number of Lead-plates are accommodated in each of the battery cells. The increment of the lead plates as the electrodes actively increases the battery life.

Body Construction

How Long Do Odyssey Batteries Last

The housing of the battery is made up of High-Density Plastic. This refined design of the body keeps the cells and electrodes in electrolytes stabilized inside the battery. No leakage or deformation can take place even under extreme conditions.

Metal Alloy Terminals 

The flow of electricity in the batteries takes place through the battery terminals. Battery terminals in the older versions were exposed to rust and corrosion. But in the Odyssey batteries, the battery terminals are made up of metal Alloys.

Metals with high electricity conduction rates and lower corrosion rates are used to make the terminals. As a result, the flow of electricity remains uninterrupted through the terminals, and the battery life gets enhanced.

How to check the lifespan of an Odyssey battery?

How to check the lifespan of an Odyssey battery

It is important to keep track of the working effectiveness of an Odyssey battery. It helps you understand the lifespan of the battery. Moreover, you will know how much time is left for switching to a new battery.

Load Test

You can perform stress or load tests at a regular interval to know battery health status. It requires an All-in-One multimeter with the load test. Again a battery tester can also be used. Recharge the battery to 100% and initiate the load test.

It takes 30 seconds to complete the test. You should check that the voltage output doesn’t fall below 10.4V at maximum load for 30 seconds.

Conductance Test

How Long Do Odyssey Batteries Last Conductance Test

This test allows you to understand the electric conductance through the battery’s terminals. Connect the battery to an authorized battery tester. Select your battery type in the battery tester. You have to input the complete CCA (Cold Cranking Amp) rating in the tester.

It takes 15-30 seconds to complete the test, and the rester shows the verdict as Good battery or Bad battery. You can understand the lifespan of the Odyssey battery using this test.

Checking The SoC( State of Charge)

A good battery shows you a high state of charge in the test. The SoC of a battery is related to the battery’s voltage output. If your battery has lower SoC means the battery cannot hold a stabilized voltage. This shows you the breaking period of the battery and requires a replacement any time soon.

How to improve the lifespan of an Odyssey battery?

How to improve the lifespan of an Odyssey battery

The Odyssey batteries are highly versatile. You can improve the average lifespan of the battery with regular maintenance and servicing.

Recharge the Battery

You should keep your battery recharged regularly. Check the SoC of the battery after some days and recharge the battery using an authorized battery charger. It takes only six hours to recharge an Odyssey battery completely.

Check for Sulphation

After using a deep cycle battery for a long time, sulfation occurs. However, it happens more in the wet-cell batteries. But it is better to stay on the safe side to protect your battery. You can also use any standard battery tester to check for sulfation and desulfate the battery. It improves the battery life and the quality of the electrolyte inside the battery.

Avoid The Battery Getting Discharged

Avoid The Battery Getting Discharged

Odyssey batteries are very sensitive to getting discharged completely.  Do not leave your vehicle; RV is turned off for a long time. Because not using the battery slowly discharges it. And the AGM batteries are very hard to get restored from the extreme discharged state.

Clean The Battery

Keep your battery terminals clean from corrosion. You can use steel wool to remove the corrosion. It helps improve the battery life in the long run. Make sure to disconnect the battery completely before attempting to clean the battery.


Odyssey batteries are great for a long time. Its advanced technology and high-grade components make the Odyssey battery suitable for land and water uses. Like every other piece of equipment, you may want to know How Long Do Odyssey Batteries Last before purchasing them.

The Odyssey battery’s 3-12 years of longevity makes it a very well-balanced battery. But you should take good care by doing maintenance and servicing to get the fullest from the Odyssey battery.

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