How to Charge a Northstar Battery

Northstar batteries are a newer type of lead-acid battery that uses thin-plate lead technology. This technology doesn’t allow it to create much internal resistance, so it can store a lot of electricity. 

To store electricity, you need to charge a battery. The Northstar battery can be charged with a typical charger that provides 14.1–14.8 volts. If you want to charge this battery, you should learn “How to Charge a Northstar Battery.” 

First, check all the information about your battery and then choose a charger. If the battery is dirty and attached, detach it and then clean it. Place the charger and the battery in an open place at a sufficient distance. Connect them with their corresponding cables. Set up the charger and turn it on. Wait until the charging is completed.

What charger is needed for the Northstar battery?

What charger is needed for the Northstar battery?

The NorthStar battery doesn’t require a special charger. You can use any type of charge you want. However, the charger’s voltage must be between 14.1 and 14.8 volts. 

If you charge something that provides more voltage, it will overcharge the charger. Also, if you have a charger that provides less charge, it will slow the charging rate. 

The list of some chargers for the Northstar battery is provided below.

NameType of ChargerCharging VoltageCharging CurrentBattery Capacity
CTEK MXS 5.0 Battery Charger Cig Plug Bundle.8-Step, Fully Auto Charging Cycle14.4 / 14.7 / 15.8 VMax 5 Amps1.2-110Ah, up to 160 Ah for maintenance.
CTEK MUS 4.3 Test and Charge (56-959)An advanced  microprocessor-controlled battery charger14.4V, 14.7V, 15.8V0.8/4.3 Amps1.2-110 Ah; up to 160 Ah for maintenance
CTEK Multi US 7002 Battery ChargerAGM/Standard or GEL/Lithium Iron switchable12V or 6V4 Amp1.2-110 Ah; up to 160 Ah for maintenance
CTEK MXS 5.0 Battery Charger – (40-206)8-Step, Fully Auto Charging Cycle14.4 / 14.7 / 15.8 VMax 5 Amps1.2-110Ah, up to 160 Ah for maintenance.

How to charge a Northstar battery?

How to charge a Northstar battery

The process of charging a Northstar battery is described below.

Putting on safety gear

As you are charging a car battery, that can cause a short circuit or even explode. So you need to put on safety gear first. You should also do some area preparation before starting the process. To do it, 

  • First, wear protective eyeglasses to protect your eyes from any kind of spark or battery fluid. 
  • After that, wear a pair of safety gloves so that any fluid does not touch your hands. 
  • Choose a well-ventilated and lit area so that the gas inside the battery can be ventilated properly. 
  • Also, don’t allow any children to get close to the battery or the working area, or they could get shocked.

Determining your battery type

How to Charge a Northstar Battery

You need to determine your battery type and its power, voltage, and electricity before charging it. This information is essential, or you may charge the battery more than its stored capacity. As a result, the battery’s life span gets decreased. To check it out

  • Hold the battery.
  • Turn it upside down. 
  • Check if any kind of label is attached to your battery or not. 
  • If you get one, you will get all kinds of information. 

Sometimes this label can get worn out or be missing. In that case, you need to check the official website of your battery to get all the information.

Getting an appropriate car battery charger

Getting an appropriate car battery charger

After getting all the information about your battery, you need to choose your charger. You have to choose the charger according to the power it can provide and how much time it takes to charge the battery. There are different types of battery chargers on the market. like:

Fast charger

These types of chargers charge your battery faster by providing more power. You can even use this charger for jump-start charging. However, the discharge rate will also be high if you charge with these chargers. 

Trickle charger

Trickle charger

These chargers don’t charge your battery as fast as fast chargers. But they provide the power efficiently. As a result, the charge on your battery will last longer. 

Digital charger

These chargers have special microprocessors. These microprocessors are designed to measure the charging speed or how much more charge your battery requires and show it on its led screen. 

Some digital chargers even stop charging when your battery is completely charged so that it can’t overcharge.

Detach the battery from your car.

How to Detach the battery from your car

This step isn’t fully necessary to charge your battery. However, you can follow it for better results because working under the car hood is hard. If a little spark drops on your car’s engine, it can damage it. To detach the car battery

  • First, open the hood of your car. 
  • You will see the battery on the side of your car’s engine. 
  • If you don’t get it, look under the trunk. 
  • Now unplug the negative terminal of your battery from your car. 
  • After that, detach the positive terminal.
  • Hold your battery with two hands and remove it from your car.

Cleaning the battery terminal

how to Clean the battery terminal

It is essential to clean the battery charger, or the dirt and grime can preclude the charging cables. As a result, the connection can not occur. To clean the battery

  • Pour some baking soda into the dirty areas. 
  • Hold a wet cloth or sandpaper in your hands. 
  • Now use them to scrub the dirty areas.
  • Scrub until all the dirt gets washed away. 

While washing, don’t touch the battery with your bare hand. The battery creates sulfates that are very dangerous for your skin. So you need to wear hand gloves.

Placing the charger in the appropriate place

Placing the charger in the appropriate place

The charger must be placed in an appropriate area to complete the proper charging process. You have to choose an area that is sturdy and stationary enough. It will help the charger be stable or make sure it doesn’t get disconnected. 

Also, you should use long cables to connect the charger with the battery so that they have enough distance. They could touch each other and start a fire if they didn’t have enough distance. Also, make sure to choose an area that can ventilate glasses properly.

Connecting the charger to the battery

how to Connect the charger to the battery

When all the preparation is completed, now you have to attach the battery. To do it,

  • Hold the negative cable of the charger. 
  • Now insert it into the negative terminal of the battery. 
  • After that, hold the positive cable and insert it into the positive terminal. 
  • Check to see if each cable is connected to its corresponding terminal or not. 

Sometimes, car manufacturers do not use red or black to indicate whether they are positive or negative. Instead of this, they use the POS sign for the positive terminal and the NEG sign for the negative terminal.

Setting up the charger

how to Setting up the charger

Now you have to set the voltage of the charger to start the charging process. The setting process varies from the charger to charger. 

If you use a digital charger, you will see the existing voltage on its LED screen. Then you have to set the voltage according to your preference. 

If you use a speed charger, you need to select the charging speed first. These chargers sometimes use a turtle or rabbit to show the speed of the charging. 

The fast charger gives a boost to your battery. However, you shouldn’t keep a fast charger attached for long. They can start overcharging and damage your battery.

Starting the charging process

how to Start the charging process

Now you have to power on the battery to start the charging process. To do it,

  • Look for a switch on the surface area of the charger. 
  • If you get it, click on it. 
  • You will see that the amp meter will show a reading that indicates the current is being transmitted. 
  • Wait until the LED screen of the charger shows 100% on it.
  • After that, detach the positive cable. 
  • Then detach the negative cable. 

If you don’t use a digital charger, you may use a multimeter to get information about if it is adequately charged or not.

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The Northstar AGM battery charging voltage 

States of charge (SOC)Open Circuit Voltage (OCV)


Check out some most popular questions related to the topic.

How long does it take to fully charge the Northstar AGM battery?

Typically, the Northstar battery requires 5 to 6 hours of charging. However, this charging speed may vary for different types of chargers. A 12v fast charger can charge this battery in 4 hours. Old conventional chargers require 7-8 hours to charge this battery.

How long does a NorthStar battery last?

The NorthStar AGM battery is expected to have a longer floating life. It can last for more than 12 years. This battery has a life expectancy of up to four times that of a typical lead-acid battery.


The Northstar battery is notable for being a well-built lead-acid battery that can store a significant amount of electricity. It has a compact structure with newer technology. So it is more energy-efficient and can provide more electricity. 

However, typical lead-acid batteries are infamous for their unusual changing process. If you don’t charge them properly, they can even explode. So if you want to charge a Northstar battery appropriately, you should know “How to Charge a Northstar Battery.” 

Just use a charging connector and then connect it with the battery by using cables. Then turn on the power to the charge connector. Make sure to check the charge regularly while charging it so that it can’t overcharge the battery. Also, don’t connect the battery to the charger for a long time. Make sure to use an open area for charging; otherwise, you can damage the battery because of the lack of ventilation.

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