How To Charge Odyssey Battery?- Don’t Burn Your Batteries

Odyssey batteries are high-performance batteries for different works. But to get the best output, it is unavoidable to charge properly. Besides, these batteries are highly sensitive to discharging and being dead. But not everyone knows how to charge an odyssey battery properly.

There are a lot of ways to charge an Odyssey battery. But the best possible way is to use an authorized smart battery charger. It does the work without causing any risk and with effectiveness.

You will find some other ways to charge it. Those methods carry some risks and you may end up damaging your battery. Follow the right process all the time to get the best output and prolong the battery life.

Do Odyssey Batteries Come Fully Charged?

Do Odyssey Batteries Come Fully Charged

The State of Charge, otherwise known as the SoC, is known for determining the charge of a battery. Most of the new deep cycle batteries come fully charged from the retail store or the factory. Hence the Odyssey battery comes with a 100% SoC when newly purchased.

But sometimes, due to different circumstances, the SoC of an Odyssey battery can be lower than anticipated. The longer battery remains idle; the cells inside the battery get slowly discharged. 

The new generation AGM batteries have a high state of retaining charge of the battery. Since most of the Odyssey batteries use the AGM technology, it is highly unlike that the SOC will degrade.

Do Odyssey Batteries Need A Special Charger?

Do Odyssey Batteries Need A Special Charger

Odyssey batteries require a smart and automated battery charger. ODYSSEY® Battery Portable Charger is a suitable one for Odyssey batteries. Because it meets the voltage input requirement with the battery, it comes with three variations of the 6, 12, and 20 amps.

These batteries have a very low internal resistance. It allows the battery to get charged very easily and quickly compared to the conventional Lead-Acid batteries. That is why you should be very careful while setting the input current in the battery charger. 

Odyssey Batteries Recommended Charger?

Odyssey Batteries Recommended Charger

The Official Odyssey battery chargers of required amperage can be used to charge the odyssey batteries. Some of the models are TMAX-6A-1B, OMAX-12A-1B, TMAX-12A-1B, OMAX-25A-1B etc. These models are different for different batteries with different amperage requirements.

If you want to use any aftermarket battery chargers, then the following list of chargers is recommended for the Odyssey Battery.

  • ACI-1206CC 60CC-Rev C
  • Batteryminder-Model 2012-AGM Rev A
  • DPI-1-12B990H10-Rev 14
  • Schauer CM-6A and CM-12A
  • Ctek Snowflake
  • Enerwatt
  • Autometer
  • Powermania

How to Charge Odyssey Battery – Step By Step Process

How to Charge Odyssey Battery

Odyssey batteries can be either Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) or Absorbed Glass Mat batteries. The charging algorithms for different batteries are different. However, due to the certain effects of the electrochemical reactions, batteries require somewhat overcharge to get fully Charged.

For the TPPL and AGM Odyssey batteries, the required overcharge rate is more or less 104 percent. Going over may damage the battery, and remaining under may cause permanent sulphation on the electrodes minimizing the longevity.

That is why charging Odyssey batteries is very sensitive. The following ways are the authorized steps to charge the Odyssey batteries effectively.

Using Vehicle’s Alternator

If your Odyssey battery is a car battery, then the alternator can be used to recharge the battery. This process is for the “Starting Applications” only. Not all versions of Odyssey batteries can be recharged in this way.

Step One: Initial Preparation

At first check, all the connecting cables are clean and free of corrosion. Install the battery under the hood of the car. Connect the required cables from the electronics and the alternator. Recheck all the connections are stable and working fine using a voltmeter. Ensure the battery voltage is about 14V to 14.7V

Step Two: Charging The Battery

Ignite the car engine and drive around to charge your Odyssey battery. The more the car moves, the more the battery gets charged. Monitor the battery’s SoC from time to track the progress of the charge of the battery.

Charging Odyssey battery first

Using Authorized Smart Battery Charger

This procedure can be followed to charge the Odyssey Batteries used for cyclic operations. For this process, a smart or automatic charger shall be used. It is because the chargers are preprogrammed with the algorithms required for different batteries.

Step One: Initial Preparation

Choose a well-ventilated place for charging your battery. The space should have continuous airflow. It is important because charging a deep cycle battery produces Hydrogen gas through the vales, which are extremely flammable. Moreover, the area’s temperature should be well maintained within the optimum range.

Step Two: Making Required Connections

how to charge odyssey battery Using Authorized Smart Battery Charger

Connect your battery charger to the 120V wall socket. After that, connect the positive and negative terminals of the battery with the cables from the charger’s end. Connect the red cable to the battery’s positive terminal and the black cable to the negative terminal.

Step Three: Required Adjustments In The Charger

After making the cable connections, the smart charge panel will automatically detect the current battery voltage and SoC. Check for the required charging voltage on the battery label and input the values if necessary.

Most Smart battery chargers automatically set the input of the current value. But you can also change the current parameters for slow or rapid charging. Though slow charging is more preferred for the batteries, you can increase the amperage for rapid charging.

Step Four: Charging The Battery

After checking everything for the second time, you can initiate the charging process. The smart charger will automatically increase or decrease the input current to keep the charging process optimum. When the SoC reaches 100%, the charger automatically shifts to the maintenance mode to prevent overcharging.

Using Solar Panel

Suppose you are using performance batteries for your recreational vehicle or while camping. No electric wall socket can be found nearby. In such cases, you can use Solar Power to recharge the Odyssey battery.

Step One: Arrangement Of The Equipment

You will need a Solar panel with the required voltage and output amperage, a charger controller module, and cables. The charge controller module helps in stabilizing the charging process from the sunlight. Moreover, it blocks the current flowing back to the panel if the sunlight is gone.

Step Two: Setting Up and  Making Connections

how to charge odyssey battery Using Solar Panel

First, set up the solar panels facing the sunlight directly for maximum effectiveness. If you have more than one solar panel, ensure the voltage limit is under the optimum range. After that, make a cable connection with the charging controller module.

Finally, connect the charging cables from the charging controller Module to the battery terminals. Ensure that clamps have a solid connection in the correct terminal. Connect a voltmeter to monitor the initial voltage. It will help you to prevent overcharge.

Step Three: Charging The Battery

Once you have double-checked everything, initiate the charging process. The duration of the Odyssey charging through solar panels depends upon the input current. Thus, it depends on how many powerful solar panels you use to charge the battery.

How To Charge Odyssey PC680 Battery?

How To Charge Odyssey PC680 Battery

The Odyssey PC680 is a standard 12V battery with 170 Cold Cranking Amps. It is highly suitable for Motorbikes, ATVs, snowmobiles, and Small Watercrafts. You can use the Purkeys Pack charger for charging this battery.

  • First, select a well-ventilated and low-temperature area for the charging process.
  • Keep the battery grounded to avoid electric shocks. 
  • Connect the charging cables properly to the battery terminals.
  • Turn on the charger. It will automatically select the battery type, voltage, and amperage required for charging. This charger can charge eight batteries at a time. Therefore select the number of batteries you want to charge.
  • Finally, turn on the charger and wait for the estimated time for fully charging the Odyssey PC680.

Frequently Asked Question

Let’s check some FAQs to clear your mind in case you have some questions.

How long does it take to charge an ODYSSEY battery?

The destination of the charging process for Odyssey batteries depends on the current you apply to the battery. Generally, it takes 5-6 hours to charge an Odyssey battery completely.

How often should you charge Odyssey batteries?

You should keep monitoring the voltage level and SoC of the battery to determine the depth of discharge. You can charge the batteries every 3-4 months to keep the battery safe from discharge.


Odyssey batteries are very sensitive to certain things. Therefore you must maintain, monitor, and take good care of the battery to save it from getting damaged permanently. One of these services includes the battery charging process.

The most recommended way to charge an Odyssey battery is to use an Odyssey-approved Smart battery charger. These automatically charge the battery, and the microprocessor inside controls all the parameters. Now that you know how to charge Odyssey battery, your battery will remain safe and longer service life.

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