How to Charge RV Batteries: Everything You Should Know

Modern adventure enthusiasts use certified Battery Chargers and AC converters for powering up the RV batteries. These are the most common and effective ways to charge RV batteries.

How to Charge RV Batteries

People of all ages love to go overnight camping and trailing. The use of RV batteries has increased dramatically over the last decade just for camping.

Since Rv batteries are portable, powerful, and customizable, these can be installed in motorhomes very conveniently. You can take your custom-built motorhome or even a caravan for such long trips. That is why it is imperative to know how to charge RV batteries.

These trips require RV batteries to power up important appliances such as the heater, light, air conditioning, and refrigerators. For getting the best and uninterrupted service from RV batteries, regular maintenance and charging are mandatory. Charging RV batteries is not hard at all. All you need to know is the proper and systematic procedure 

How to Charge RV Batteries 

This section would let you know all the possible ways of charging RV batteries effectively.

How to Charge RV Batteries with Battery Charger

How to Charge RV Batteries with Battery Charger
  • Firstly, you need to park your vehicle with an AC connector or wall socket.
  • You must make sure the charging area is well ventilated and cool.
  • Locate your battery inside the vehicle. If possible, take it out of the vehicle and place it in a cool place.
  • Inspect the type of battery you are using. There are different types of batteries available nowadays, such as conventional Lead-Acid batteries, AGM, Sealed-AGM, GEL type, and modern Li-ion batteries. 
  • Pick up the most compatible charger for your type. It is recommended to use smart automatic chargers for charging batteries. Smart chargers automatically detect the charging profile for your bakery and maintain the voltage and amp input. 
  • Connect the charger to your battery carefully using the jumper connectors.
  • Switch on the charger and monitor the charging process.
  • Do not overcharge the battery as it may drain your battery health permanently.

How to Charge RV Batteries with Generator

How to Charge RV Batteries with Generator
  • Using generators or portable generators can be good choices for charging RV batteries on the go. 
  • You must know about the size, voltage, and status of your RV battery before starting the charging process.
  • It is better to park your vehicle and switch off all electrical appliances before proceeding.
  • You shall inspect the charging terminals for any dirt or wet conditions. Clean up the terminals using a dry cloth. 
  • If you are using conventional Lead-Acid or AGM batteries then check out the electrolyte level. Pour distilled water if necessary for filling up the electrolyte mark up to the level. 
  • Carefully connect the terminals of your RV battery to your generator or portable generator. Weather conditions and high temperatures may affect the overall charging process.
  • Portable generators with lower voltage(<120V) output will result in slow charging.
  • Start the charging process and let it take time to complete a full charge. If your battery is completely discharged then you should not plug it out before 100% charging.

How to Charge RV Batteries while Driving

How to Charge RV Batteries while Driving
  • RV batteries can be charged effectively while driving and using the vehicle’s original alternating system. 
  • You would require good connectors for minimum voltage loss, plugs, and voltage relay for installing your RV battery with a vehicle battery. 
  • Connect the voltage relay switch to your car battery using the jumper connectors. 
  • Your RV battery now would be getting charged while you are on the go. 
  • The bulk phase uses up all the voltage input from driving. The voltage relay bridges the gap between your RV battery and the vehicle battery. 
  • During the float stage, the battery being 90%+ charged uses a little amount of amp provided to minimize the loss of power. 
  • You can unplug your RV battery and restore the power supply to the appliances and continue your journey afterward.

How to Charge RV Batteries with Shore Power

How to Charge RV Batteries with Shore Power
  • Using the AC shore power provides maximum efficient charge to your RV batteries. 
  • You would need a device called a converter for charging RV batteries using shore power. 
  • The converter changes the original alternating current (AC) to the Direct Current (DC) type for making the shore power compatible with the RV battery.
  • Connect the terminals accordingly from the converter to the RV battery. Keep the terminals clean, dry, and well ventilated.
  • Plug in the converter to your wall socket which is the shore power supplier.
  • Monitor carefully the charging process using a voltmeter.
  • It is better not to overcharge the RV battery to avoid sulfation.  
  • Plug out the converter and the RV batteries after the completion of the charging process.

How to Charge RV Batteries in Parallel

How to Charge RV Batteries in Parallel
  • RV batteries can be connected parallelly by joining the positive terminals with the positive terminals and negative terminals with the negative terminals separately.
  • Parallel connections of RV batteries keep the voltage intact but multiply the amp-hour capacity of the RV batteries.   
  • Batteries in parallel connection with high Amp-hour can be charged using the battery charger specified for RV batteries.
  • Connect the terminals of the initial battery to your charger correctly and select the charging profile.
  • Switch on and monitor the charging process for avoiding overcharging.
  • You need not charge the batteries individually as a parallel connection allows you to charge all the batteries at a time using a good smart charger.
  • RB Batteries in series connection with increased voltage output can also be charged using the same process. 

How to Charge RV Batteries at Home

How to Charge RV Batteries at Home
  • RV batteries can be charged at home easily using a converter or a smart automatic charger. 
  • You can use a converter to convert AC current to compatible DC current for RV batteries. Converters also provide current to the appliances along with the continuation of the charging process. 
  • Smart automatic chargers help to detect the charging profile required for the RV batteries automatically for efficient and user-friendly charging. 
  • You should use a voltmeter to monitor the charging process of RV batteries and avoid overcharging and sulfation. 
  • The charging area should be a very well-ventilated and cool place to eliminate the highly flammable hydrogen gas.

How to Charge RV Batteries with Solar

How to Charge RV Batteries with Solar
  • Solar power and wind turbines are the most environmentally friendly way to charge your RV batteries. 
  • Using solar panels can be expensive and less efficient than the other prescribed method. But it is the cleanest way to do so. 
  • Connect the required amount of solar panels in a series connection for increased voltage output. 
  • Install the solar panels with the solar charge controller box for selecting the compatible charging profile with your RV battery. 
  • Connect the terminals of the RV battery to the Solar charge connector. 
  • It is imperative for you to check the weather condition before setting up the process.


RV batteries are great for their compatibility and portability. To keep on getting power and performance from the RV battery, it is mandatory to charge the battery timely. After learning about how to charge RV batteries, you now know all the possible methods.

We can conclude by saying that the best and most effective way to charge RV batteries is using a portable generator. Moreover, charging the battery by changing power from mechanical energy to electrical energy while driving ensures portability. This does not require any extra equipment.

You now have learned about the proper ways to charge RV batteries. These processes, if properly followed, would increase your battery’s health and longevity. You must use certified devices, jumper connectors and follow safety guides before charging up your RV battery. 

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