How to read the Acdelco battery date code

The ACDelco battery is hugely prominent for its uses in different sectors like commercial, automotive, transport, marine, etc. They are also very popular for their after-sales services like servicing batteries or giving warranties. The batteries are not so many vulnerable products as they don’t have a strong structure either. 

They can get damaged and explode even after you take care of them perfectly. In that case, you need to claim the battery’s warranty. However, every battery has a selected warranty period, and this warranty period starts from the battery’s manufacturing time. So if you want to check whether your battery has a warranty period or not, you should know “how to read the ACDelco battery date code.” 

Check the top or bottom surface area of the battery. You will see a 5-digit code. The first letter is your battery series type. Then you will see 3 numbers that signify the battery manufacturing date. The last letter says something about its manufacturing plant.

What do these codes mean?

These codes provide information about the battery, like what series of batteries they are, their manufacturing date, etc. You will need this information to check if your battery has a sufficient warranty period or not. There can be difficult letters like P, A, H, K, and M to start the code. These letters provide their series name.

If the date code on your battery begins with P, it is a professional series battery. However, if your battery begins with the letter S, it is a 60 series or advantage battery.

Other letters, such as H or K, may appear there. The letter H stands for “heavy-duty,” while the letter K stands for “marine” or “voyage.”

Then come the 3 numerical numbers. The first two figures of the number provide information about which month they were created. You will get to know the creation year of the battery by the last number. After that, a letter is attached to complete the date code. This letter is the coded name of the plant where the battery was created.

How to read the Acdelco battery date code

The process of reading the battery date code is described below.

Where to find the battery date code 

The serial number of the battery provides information about manufacturing traceability and date codes. All this data provides information about the time of the battery’s manufacturing. So you should check the surface area of the batteries to get information about the date code. 

Usually, these serial numbers are located on the top side or the back side of the battery. These serial numbers contain two types of letters. The first two digits are letters from the alphabet, whereas the last eight digits are numerical values. 

The date code provides information about its manufacturing months and years. These codes are leveled with a letter and a number. It is attached to the back side of the battery. So you need to check it to get it.

Checking the battery date code

By checking the date code, you will get information about if your battery has a warranty period or not or its model number. Most of the time, these codes start with P or S. The P, and S indicates the model of the battery. 

Starting with P means your battery is a professional series battery. S means it is an advantage or 60 series battery.

However, you may see other letters such as H or K there. The first H means a heavy-duty battery, while the second K means a marine or voyage battery. 

Code reading process

The date codes come with the serial number of the battery. You need to check the serial number first to get it. Then check the last three digits of that number. Here, the number is PO49R, and it is red in color. (Image in the bellow)

Ac delco battery code reading process

It means your battery is a professional series battery. The three numbers mean its production month and year. 04 means it was built in April, and 9 means 2019. The R in the last indicates it is from plant “R.”

How to claim an Acdelco battery warranty 

The process of claiming an Acdelco battery warranty is described below.

Check if you can claim the battery warranty or not

Usually, ACDelco will provide a warranty for all types of problems with your battery. This warranty process will not cost you any money. They will provide you with a new battery.

However, if your battery has some substantial problems, the manufacturers won’t provide you with a warranty and won’t charge your battery. The problems are outlined below. 

  • If you use the battery for a purpose, that is not its intended work field.
  • When you purposefully misuse the battery.
  • If the battery is torn or worn intentionally.
  • When the battery gets damaged because of your carelessness or intentionally causes accidents.
  • If you don’t charge or discharge the battery properly.
  • Because of your house’s electricity or short circuit problems.

Claiming warranty of the battery

If your battery isn’t damaged because of any of the above causes, you can claim the warranty. You need to check if you have a sufficient warranty period or not. If you have a warranty period, take the battery to the closest service center of the ACDelco company. 

Make sure to take the dated sales receipt with you. Now contact a technician and tell him about your battery problem. They will thoroughly examine it in order to extrapolate its problems. It may take a day or two to check your battery. 

When the check process is completed, the technicians will contact you. If your battery is too damaged, they will provide you with a new battery.


Let’s check out some FAQs about the topic for better clarification.

How long does an Acdelco battery last?

The average life span of an ACDelco battery is between 2 and 5 years. However, this life span can be changed by how you use it. If you use it with proper care, it can last more than 8 years.

What does the sticker date on a battery mean?

The sticker date on the battery provides information about the battery’s manufacturer, period, area, and series type. It contains 2 letters and 3 numbers. The first letter is the series type, and the last letter is the plant code where the battery is created. The meaning of the three numbers is their manufacturing period.


Most ACDelco batteries have a warranty of about 3-5 years, which starts from their manufacturing date. These dates are attached to the battery’s surface area. So if you want to check if your battery has a warranty period or not, you must know “how to read the ACDelco battery date code.” 

To check the battery date code, you have to get it first. That’s why you should check the top and bottom sides of the battery. If you see a 5-digit code, the first digit shows its series number, and the next 3 digits show its manufacturing date. The last digit will tell you about its production plant. 

If you have a warranty period, you can claim the battery’s warranty. However, you will not be eligible for a warranty if you intentionally damage the battery or if it explodes due to improper care. Then go to any ACDelco service center and tell the technicians about your problem. They will check the problem and then provide you with a new battery.

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