Noco GB150 Review: Best portable jumpstarter kit

NOCO GB150 Review

You don’t have to stop someone’s car and then bring those heavy cables out of the trunk to jumpstart your car’s dead battery. The Noco GB150 review will show you those days are long gone.

All you need now is to carry a small box that you can fit in your hand. There is no need to rely on others to get out of trouble. The Noco GB150 is your get-out-of-jail-free card. And that’s all you need to have.

So, if you want that, then you better check out what this portable jumpstarter kit has to offer.

Noco GB150 Review:

If you’ve seen other Noco units like the GB30 or GB70, then you will notice the Noco GB150 is quite bigger than those in size. But that’s because of the fact, with this unit, you get a higher capacity 3000-amp battery.

Still, the unit remains ultra-portable. It is lightweight and easy to carry around places. So, you can have it always in your car or backpack in case of emergencies.

Why Noco GB150 Booster is the top-pick ?

The Noco GB150 introduces an ultra-safe jump-starting mechanism. Unlike your old methods of reviving the dead batteries, there is no risk involved in damaging the cell.

This unit has a mistake-proof design that makes sure you always got the correct connections. Its reverse polarity protection system ensures that at all times. So, there won’t be any sudden sparks out of nowhere to damage the car battery cell.

Plus, it is quite easy to use. All you need is to attach the clamps and then switch on the power button on the Noco booster. Then hit the engine start button. And that’s it. Then detach the clamps once your car is up and running.

Being fully charged, the unit can offer you at least 40 jumpstarts like this. What’s more interesting is that the unit can hold the charge for almost over a year. So, once charged, you can leave it like that until you need to again boost up the battery.

  • Durable casing
  • Water-resistant
  • Many functionalities
  • Holds charge for a long period
  • Provides many jump starts
  • Portable
  • Slightly Expensive

Noteworthy Features of Noco GB150:

Features of Noco GB150 Booster

You’ve got some idea from the Noco GB150 review why this is a great product. But to know more about Noco’s quality, you should check out the other features it has to offer.


Noco GB150 has a simple design to figure out the unit. You can see the flashlight on one side of the case, while the other end got the input and output ports.

Right on top of the box, you’ve got the power button, the error and power light, the charging bar indicators, the flashlight button. Even it got a display to show you the working voltage and all.

The overall design makes it quite easy to operate.

Easy charging:

The portable unit offers an easy charging system. You can use the USB cable to charge the unit. However, no wall charger comes with the unit. Thankfully, you can use any charger adapter to get the unit charged. Using the 5A charger, you can get the battery loaded to 100% within 2-3 hours. But if you’re using the regular 2A charger, this can go up to 11 hours.

Besides using the USB port, you can also use the 12V power plug that comes with the unit. You can connect the male plug to any DC power port of the vehicle and get the Noco fully charged rapidly within hours.

Great flashlight:

The Noco got a built-in flashlight on its case. Unlike some other units, it isn’t just their for to add an extra feature. The flashlight is actually quite great. You will get a wide-angle light that’s quite bright, but you can adjust the intensity level to your liking.

Besides using it as a regular flashlight, you can use it in other modes too. The light offers a blink, SOS, and a strobe mode based on your need.

Premium casing:

The GB170 got one of the most durable casings out there. This unit can take on some great impact. All thanks to its rugged build with those rubber molding all over it. The rubberized casing also helps it to prevent shocks to keep the unit safe. Other than that, the molded box has no room for water particles to go through. That’s why the unit can be used in rainy conditions as it is water-resistant too.


One of the things that surprise all about the 3000 amp unit is its portability. The thing can offer great power without being too heavy or too big. Compared to other Noco units, this might be bigger. Still, the GB150 manages to be compact and lightweight. Weighing just 7.5 pounds, the unit doesn’t make it hard to carry around to places like some other jump starter kits in the market.

Portable charger:

You can use the Noco GB150 to charge almost anything. Using the USB cable, you can recharge your phones, tablets, or other devices like such. Meanwhile, the 15-amp output port allows you to power up to 12VDC devices. So, you can use it for inverters and stuff.

Numerous jumpstarts:

Last but not the least, the GB150 allows you many jumpstarts. You can get a max 80 kickstart for your gas or diesel engine using it. The minimum jumpstart it can provide is around 40. So, based on the working voltage the number can vary around. Yet, it is more than most other units out there in the market.

Auto shut off:

The unit offers an awesome energy-saving feature. It will automatically shut down the system that will make the unit off within 7 hours—no more power wastage.

How to charge Noco GB150?

There is nothing much to know here. It is as simple as it can be. Just plug in one side of the USB cable to the input and the other end will get plugged into some adapter. Then you’ve got the unit charging.

Or you can use the 12V cable to use to charge the GB150 using the car. That way, you will get the 2 hours faster charging.

When you see the red LED slowly pulsing, it indicates the battery is 25% charged. The LED will be solid when it gets 25% recharged. Then again the next red LED light will slowly pulsate until the unit gets 50% charged. For 75% less charge, the on and off pulse will have a yellow LED. And when it gets charging to 100% then the light will be green. When you are still in the solid-state, that’s when your unit gets fully charged. It’s that easy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of battery does the Noco GB150 have inside of it?

The Noco uses a lithium-ion battery. So, these are much more stable. Plus, you can recharge them more times. What’s even more impressive is the fact, it got a lower self-discharge rate. So, it holds the charge for a long time.

How many light modes does the unit have?

The bright LED flashlight got 7 different modes. You can have it flashing at full 100% or dimmer the light to 50 or 10 percent. Then there is your SOS, Blink, Strobe, and off modes.

How long does the unit take to charge?

If you’re using the regular USB charging adapter, it can take almost 5-11 hours to charge. Using your car, you can get it rapidly charged within 2 hours.

How long does the Noco battery last?

The Noco battery can hold its rated 70% charge for up to a year. Still, you should charge it every 4-6 months to maintain the optimal performance of the unit

How many times the unit can jumpstart car batteries?

You can get at least 40 jumpstarts using it. Varying on use, it can go up to 80 times too.


So, here you have it. The Noco GB150 review gives you a quick peek at one of the best jump starter kits in the business.

You can see the unit is quite solid. And the performance it provides is top-notch. Just make up your mind and get the unit. Never look for help to get your dead car battery started. With GB150, be the master of your own destiny.

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