Noco Genius Boost Not Charging- And How to fix the problem

In the market one of the most propeller and user-friendly Noco Genius Boost starter. But after some days using this product pace problem.

Then how do feel? In this post, we are going to discuss. How to fix the problem Noco Genius Boost Not Charging.  

noco genius boost not charging

You have to used to Noco Genius jump starter for your car battery charger or other something and right now your car battery has gone flat. No matter if you want to quickly and easily get your car running again.

After use noco genius jump-start booster, it must be charged. But it can’t charge or hold a charge for very long? How feel you and try and fix the problem?

Common matter for not Charging Noco Genius

USB port wrong connected

The Noco Genius Boost jump starter unites to have two USB ports, one port for input and other port for output. When sometimes mistake or something wrong connect USB port, the internal boost battery will not be charged. So USB port wrong connected for Noco Genius boosts not charging.

One of the most important for connect the USB cable to the USB in the socket, when charging the Noco genius battery. Generally, charging other devices form the Genius used USB out socket. You can use milt device recharging like smartphones, mobile, tablet, headset and other more USB devices.

Already, I attached the video post below. This video instruction on how to charge a Noco  Genius jump starter.

Electrical outlet matter

Noco include a futures charged through the USB In socket. So, you can be connected multi system charging points and including an electrical outlet adapter.

If you want to plug the genius with an electrical outlet and pace charging problem, than you are understand many be a problem with the outlet. SO, first try to use plugging into another outlet. In this cures the fault, you will need must an electrician to look at the outlet.

Fact internal battery is damaged

Noco Genius Boost not charging or not holding a charger for a damaged battery is one possible. There are some matter for damaged battery:

  • Your battery damage is, if you don’t follow correct jump-start rules. Please, try to follow the instructions given in the Noco manual.
  • Like other battery, the need to be charged regularly. Generally, once a month is often enough, but it can depending where you store it. Check the battery charge and necessary recharge if required.

If you suspect your battery have a problem internal, don’t attempt to take the genius apart yourself. Noco has warranty support and you can contact at  and other 1-800-456-6626.

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USB charging cable Damaged

USB charging cable is another possibility for not charging your jump starter. Generally this cables is very robust , but tough life. It can be often getting squashed into your travel bag.

At first, inter the cable through fingers for checking any kinks or any kinds of cuts. Here a small mark in the outer coating could target wrong one of the thin wires inside.

After next, look at each of the connectors and make sure what here has any problem.

It’ very easy to check, If you have extra USB cable. If the original cable are damaged just another simply replace it. Generally, this USB are cheap to buy and not worth trying to repair.

Dirty USB Port– charging bad effect

Usually, Noco Genius jump starter booster is very used outside and dirty conditions and bad weather. It may stay in your garage, so effected numerous liquids and oils it could come into contact with.

Take a close see at the USB port with dust or corrosion. Carefully checking a good contact between the cable and the charging  USB port.

Used of compressed air for removed dust. The cleaned using a spray for cleaner dirty contacts.

Please, never try to push anything into the USB socket, because it many damage for you.

USB port has failed charging

Already,  you have replaced the USB cable, inspected and cleaned the input socket other something to do for charging. But maybe here something wrong this replace USB cables or other something problems. If you think the socket is at fault, please contact Noco support  and other 1-800-456-6626 for solved these problems.

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How can I charge a Noco Genius Boost?

Oh! That is the simple matter for charge any battery. The Noco Genius Jump-start booster charging for used USB In socket. So,just connect the USB in the socket to a phone charger or other something like that car charging point, a computer and other USB Charging sources.

Final Word

The market one of the most propeller Noco genius jump starter boost is a great tool for getting you car back on the road. But this battery has also flat, then what do you do?

We hope, our short article has helped you Noco Genius Boost not charging to identify where problems and fix this problem. But if not, contact the Noco helpline they will be able to assist.

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