Northstar Battery Review

As you’re already here, you must be looking for some batteries. Now, you’ve come to the exact place. Cause we’re featuring some exclusive batteries from NorthStar.

NorthStar produces excellent quality batteries and has a reputation all over the world. The NorthStar batteries are supplied to many international customers of various industries for uninterrupted power supply. The parent company is situated in Stockholm, Sweden. However, battery production takes place in the USA.

Therefore, if you want to buy some top-rated batteries, the following review might help. You can choose among many sizes, reserve capacity, and other features that best fit your needs.

6 Best Northstar Battery Review

1. NorthStar Ultra-High-Performance Group 31 AGM Battery

NorthStar Ultra-High-Performance Group 31 AGM Battery

Quick Summary

  • Brand: Northstar
  • Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 12.91 x 6.77 x 9.25 inches
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Battery Cell Composition: Lead-Acid, AGM
  • Size: Group 31
  • Cold-cranking amps: 930 amps
  • Reserve Capacity: 195 minutes
  • Vehicle Service Type: Fifth Wheel, RV, Car, SUV, Truck, Tractor, BoatItem
  • Weight: 75 Pounds


Our third pick is the NorthStar Ultra-High-Performance Group 31 AGM battery which is considered one of the best Group 31 batteries in the market. If your battery discharges faster than it recharges, then you should find an alternative for that. NorthStar group 31 is the perfect pick in this scenario. Its super condensed 80% depth of discharge lets you use it using most of its potential.

This battery comes recharged. So, you can use it right off the delivery. The rugged construction of this battery prevents damage. It has little to no risk of falling while providing a sufficient power supply to run all the gadgets in your car.  The manufacturer offers four years of warranty for this group 31 battery.


Efficient battery

Fast recharge and slow discharge rate

It doesn’t require any additional maintenance

This battery can power up everything in your car pretty efficiently


The price of this NorthStar battery is a little high

2. NORTHSTAR Pure Lead Automotive Group 65 Battery NSB-AGM65

NORTHSTAR Pure Lead Automotive Group 65 Battery NSB-AGM65

Quick Summary

  • Brand: Northstar
  • Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 11.8 x 7.32 x 7.44 inches
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Battery Cell Composition: Lead-Acid, AGM
  • Cold-cranking amps: 930 amps
  • Reserve Capacity: 135 minutes
  • Item Weight: 55 Pounds


Our first NorthStar battery is the NSB-AGM65. The best feature of this group 65 battery is that it has incredible reserve capacity and exceeds cold-cranking amps. This 12-volt battery has an excellent reserve capacity of 135 minutes. This pure lead-acid AGM battery delivers great cold-cranking amps. Additionally, it covers 900 cycles with a 50% depth of discharge. The manufacturer provides a full four-year warranty.

Moreover, this Group 65 AGM battery charges very fast. The battery features three stages of charge current. In the constant current mode, the battery charges until the charge reaches up to 0.25 volts. Then, it turns into continuous current mode until it reaches 14 volts. At the last stage, the battery gets into float charging mode. This way, it takes less time than conventional batteries. Its puncture resistance casing prevents damage while keeping it safe from the elements. If your search is for a safe Group 65 battery that supplies the best output, this is the go.


High CCA

Extended life cycle

The inbuilt capacitor prevents overcharging

It can be stored without any damage for a long time

As it’s an AGM battery, it requires no additional watering or clean-up


A bit bulky

3. NORTHSTAR Pure Lead Group 34/78 Battery- NSB-AGM34/78

NORTHSTAR Pure Lead Group 34/78 Battery- NSB-AGM34/78

Quick Summary

  • Brand: Northstar
  • Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 10.9 x 7.01 x 7.76 inches
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Battery Cell Composition: Lead-Acid, AGM
  • Cold-cranking amps: 880 amps
  • Reserve Capacity: 134 minutes
  • Item Weight: 50 Pounds


Our second NorthStar battery is NSB-AGM34/78. It provides you with enough battery backup. This battery has two different terminals, 34 at the top and 78 on the side. It has high CA (1050 amps) and CCA (880 amps) ratings, which kick-starts your car even in any situation. With its competency, you won’t require a second car battery.

This battery has heat-resistant plastic covering that prevents damage from the elements. So, overheating or scorching sun barely damages the battery functionality. Moreover, the chance of dying in the middle of the journey is less with this battery. So, if you have a custom battery tray and need a Group 34/78 battery for your car or boat, the  NSB-AGM34/78 is the pick.


Easy installation

High cold-cranking amps

Extended battery life cycle

AGM battery, hence no spillage


Starting capability is reduced after a few years of use

4. NORTHSTAR Group 27F Automotive Battery NSB-AGM27F

NORTHSTAR Group 27F Automotive Battery NSB-AGM27F

Quick Summary

  • Brand: Northstar
  • Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 12.4 x 6.77 x 8.74 inches
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Battery Cell Composition: Lead-Acid, AGM
  • Cold-cranking amps: 930 amps
  • Reserve Capacity: 195 minutes
  • Item Weight: 68 Pounds


Alright! Now, this pick is a great one. Why so? Because-

This AGM battery doesn’t leak like a lead-acid battery. Therefore, you can mount it at a suitable angle according to your need. It kick-starts the car engine with its incredible ignition power. When not in use, storing it for a long time would not be a problem, and the cells won’t be deeply discharged. And the chance is less that it will have an impact due to overheating and other weather conditions. Additionally, you get four years of warranty from the manufacturer. So, in case any problem appears, you have your back covered.

The battery features a LED display to show the functions like- the state of charge, operating mode, etc. And a microcontroller measures the battery voltage. Another significant feature is that the battery has 15 times more vibrant resistance, which prevents damage than traditional lead-acid batteries. The Spiral Cell Technology used in this battery has about 99.99 percent pure lead, which enhances the deep cycling capability of the battery.


Easy installation

It fits most common vehicle types

Well-built and reliable performance

Leak-proof construction prevents damage


The battery is a little heavy

5. NorthStar Pure Lead Automotive Group 94R Battery NSB-AGM94R

NorthStar Pure Lead Automotive Group 94R Battery NSB-AGM94R

Quick Summary

  • Brand: Northstar
  • Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 12.4 x 6.9 x 7.4 inches
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Battery Cell Composition: Lead-Acid, AGM
  • Cold-cranking amps: 840 amps
  • Reserve Capacity: 158 minutes
  • Vehicle Service Type: Passenger Car, SUV
  • Terminal: L4
  • Item Weight: 57 Pounds


This battery from NorthStar has a great depth of discharge up to 80%. On top of that, it has a reserve capacity of 158 minutes before it’s fully discharged, which is sufficient. Because the traditional batteries barely give one-hour backup.

Its super cranking amps give the car engine a kick start even if it’s an SUV. It comes with a handle. Hence it is convenient to carry from one place to another. The battery weighs about 57 pounds. So, it’s difficult to carry it alone. However, the other features make this battery an irreplaceable piece.

This super-efficient battery charges efficiently within a very little time, half the time to be exact, than the conventional AGM batteries. More importantly, this battery does not require watering or maintenance like cleaning up the terminals, spillage, etc. And it’s protected from heat and vibration due to the advanced construction and the best quality plastic coverings.


Durable built

Great depth of discharge

It’s resistant to heat and damage

This battery has an incredible reserve capacity


A little heavy

6. NORTHSTAR Pure Lead Automotive Group 35 Battery NSB-AGM35

NORTHSTAR Pure Lead Automotive Group 35 Battery NSB-AGM35

Quick Summary

  • Brand: Northstar
  • Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 9.45 x 6.77 x 8.54 inches
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Battery Cell Composition: Lead-Acid, AGM
  • Cold-cranking amps: 740 amps
  • Reserve Capacity: 115 minutes
  • Item Weight: 49 Pounds


Our last NorthStar battery is the NorthStar Pure Lead Group 35. If you don’t need a high CCA battery, go for this one. It’s a thin plate AGM battery. This 12-volt battery can provide you 115 minutes back up before running out. However, it features a cold cranking rating of 740 amps which is a sufficient amount. However, it would be better to get a better CCA-rated battery from the list which mates your car if you live in a colder area.

The NSB-AGM35 doesn’t drain off fast. Hence, it would require less watering to prevent gassing. Also, the battery has a corrosion-resistant feature. So, it would prevent decaying soon. This battery takes a little more time to recharge compared to other NorthStar batteries. It weighs only 49 pounds.

The internal cell resistance is medium. The integral handles are convenient for easy carrying. The manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty. Additionally, they are claiming that it has two times longevity compared to conventional batteries. Therefore, you don’t need to bother about the service of the product. 


Lightweight compared to other batteries in the list

Excellent cranking amps to kick-start the engine

The high-quality plastic casing prevents damages from heating


It charges a little slower than other NorthStar batteries

Benefits of Buying the Product

Why North Star Battery is the Best?

Now, you must be thinking, why the NorthStar is exceptional and if you should buy them. Would this be better than the brands like- Optima or Vmax? These are the reasons that make the NorthStar batteries outstanding at what they do.

Extended Battery Life and Reserve Capacity

Thin plate NorthStar AGM batteries can last up to 12 years if maintained properly. In addition to that, NorthStar has an excellent backup capacity in each of its products. They exceed other products in this category.

High CA and CCA Rating

With a high cranking rating, the battery kick starts an engine under any environmental condition. NorthStar has an outstanding rating in this sector. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate when choosing a NorthStar product if you live in the northern or southern parts of the world, where it freezes in the winter.

Lightweight Feature

We all know batteries are heavyweight. But where the NorthStar stands out among the competitors is its lightweight. Therefore, they are easier to carry from place to place. And lightweight batteries are great for boats as it betters the performance of the boat. NorthStar batteries are relatively lighter than most batteries out there.

No Leakage!

The NorthStar batteries don’t leak like other batteries. Some batteries spill when the vehicle falls into an uncontrolled environment. But with the NorthStar, the chance is the least. That’s what makes them great.

Exeptionally Made.

The make of NorthStar is exceptional. The manufacturer provides the best quality plastic, which is heat and vibration resistant and prevents damage to the battery core.

Made in the USA

This is another factor people often get curious about. NorthStar produces its batteries in two production facilities in Springfield, Missouri. So, it’s entirely made in America. They don’t make their product with cheap materials in another country. You are guaranteed to get American-made batteries from NorthStar.

That’s how NorthStar stands out from other battery producers. They produce not only great batteries but also provide excellent after-sales service.

Buying Guide for Northstar Battery

What Should You Consider When Buying a Battery?

You need to understand a few things need before you shop for a car or marine battery. Here are the factors that make the difference between a good battery and a great battery.

Battery Type

Well, batteries have a variety of sizes, shapes, and weights. Also, they are different in capacity. More importantly, batteries come in three different forms- lead-acid, AGM/ Absorbed Glass Matt, and Lithium-iron-phosphate or LiFePO4. You must know what type of battery you need for your particular vehicle or marine craft.

Service Life

One of the most significant aspects is to consider before buying a battery. The service life of the battery determines whether it is worth spending money on it.

Heat and Vibrant Resistance

Heating issues are typical for a car battery, especially when it gets old. The excellent quality battery must have resistance against heating. Also, vibration can cause damage to the batteries at a significant level, whether by spillage or dysfunctioning the materials. The vibrant resistance capability is another aspect to look for when buying a great quality battery.

Reserve Capacity

Reserve capacity or reserve minutes is the number of minutes a battery can give back up when fully charged before it gets fully discharged—the greater the number, the better the battery capacity.

Depth of Discharge or DoD

Depth of discharge is the level at which a fully charged battery can be Depth of discharge is the level at which a fully charged battery can be discharged. Depth of discharge or DoD is expressed in percentage. You can say it’s the exact opposite of the state of charge. DoD in AGM batteries goes up to 50%, and for Lithium-iron-phosphate or LiFePO4 or LFP batteries, it’s about 80%.

Battery Cycle

One battery cycle counts when a battery is fully charged and then fully discharged. There is a connection between the battery cycle and charging. The more you charge and discharge the battery, the life expectancy of the battery is reduced. So, we suggest charging the battery fully and discharge it at the recommended level before charging it again to get the best value. The highest cycle goes up to 1000 when the least could be 300.

Acid Leakage

Any poorly made battery would leak acid at a point in its lifetime. Acid leakage not only ruins the surroundings of the battery it may also damage your skin or clothes. However, a quality product would never do such a thing. In the case of batteries, you should pick a battery that has the slightest possibility of acid spillage.

Charging & Maintenance Instruction

1. Store the battery in a fully charged state. Thus, you can reduce the chance of the battery dying or losing its capability by getting deeply discharged.

  • The battery may get discharged in many ways. If you store it for a long time in a low state of charge, the battery charge gets drained in time, eventually ruining the capacity. 
  • Another way the battery remains undercharged is when you discharge it entirely beyond its discharging limit or depth of discharge without fully charging it before.

2. Overcharging is as harmful to a battery as undercharging. When you overcharge a battery, the heat produced during the process reduces the battery capacity and can even kill it.

3. Overwatering or underwatering can also damage the battery. The lead-acid battery requires watering to prevent acid build-up and gassing. If you don’t water the battery regularly, it keeps losing water when charging, and it will eventually dry. In the case of overwatering, excess water might reduce battery performance.

4. Water the battery when in a discharged state.

5. Read the manufacturer’s guidelines correctly. Follow the manufacturer’s guidance for a particular battery type and instructions to maintain the battery in a healthy state. Reading the user’s manual is essential when using a battery as the batteries may differ in functionality. You can ask the customer support officer for help regarding the battery.

Frequently ask Questions

1.     Where Can the Batteries Be Used?

Auto batteries kick start a vehicle engine. It can be used on cars, RVs, trolling motors, marine boats, trucks, and other vehicles. And it can also be used to power up the inverters and generators at home.

2.     What is the average cycle life of NorthStar batteries?

NorthStar batteries have an extended capacity than the competitors when it comes to life expectancy. These batteries have four times more life expectancy than a flooded lead-acid battery and about two times more than the conventional AGM batteries. On average, a NorthStar AGM battery can last up to 12+ years. These batteries last longer due to their superb heat resistance.

3.     What Type of Guarantee Comes with a NorthStar Battery?

The NorthStar batteries may have 3 to 4 years of warranty, depending on the type of battery you’re using. However, if the shipped product has any defect, the manufacturer takes care of it by replacing or repairing it.

4.     Do NorthStar AGM batteries have to be segregated for recycling?

NorthStar batteries require no additional segregation to be recycled. You have to recycle it like the conventional AGM or flooded batteries.

5.     Why can AGM batteries sit so long without needing charging?

AGM or absorbed glass material is the type of battery where the elements are in gel form. Therefore, there is no gassing due to the acid build-up. Hence, this battery type requires less charging than the conventional lead-acid batteries, and they can sit longer without being charged.

6.     Does the battery discharge when not used?

Yes! Batteries do slowly discharge when not in use. It’s called self-discharging. Also, when your car is sitting in the garage, it draws a small amount of current to keep the mechanism in your car active.

7.     Do I need to discharge them before charging fully?

Depth of discharge indicates the percentage of charge at which a battery can be discharged. Yes, it would be best to discharge the battery at the recommended level before fully recharging it. Otherwise, it will reduce the battery cycle, hence the battery life.

8.     When should you perform an Equalization charge?

You should perform an equalization charge on a flooded lead-acid battery when the gravity reading varies from cell to cell at +/- .015- to remove sulfate crystals from the battery plates.

Final Words

We hope it was an insightful review of the NorthStar batteries. Even though each one is not compatible with every given situation, you can still find the best fit for your vehicle from the given battery list. We expect you to get the perfect match for your needs as every one of them has some potential from some angle.

NorthStar has kept its fame at a level that other companies can barely reach. Their batteries have a quality that meets every car owner’s expectations. More importantly, they are producing great products for both cars and trolling motors. We have tried to maintain the product’s authenticity at its best, which would help you understand more about the NorthStar batteries. And we can assure you that NorthStar has the potential to provide the service that they promise.

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