LiFePO4 batteries are getting more popular day by day, thanks to their lifespan, cycle life, charge power, and most importantly safety. If you are a newbie and planning to get a battery, you may ask “What is a lifepo4 battery?” 

In simple words, the LiFePO4 batteries are batteries that use lithium iron phosphate components to provide electricity. As a result, these batteries can provide perfect electrical power with exact stability. The components may be expensive, but they last longer than average battery components.

These components are also non-toxic, so they don’t cause any damage to the environment. Because of their vast life cycle and power stability, these batteries are used for power stations.

What is a lifepo4 battery- The History Analysis

What is a lifepo4 battery

Lithium iron phosphate was first used in batteries in 1961 by Padhi et al. He extracted lithium in a reverse way and then inserted it into FePO4. The iron component in it makes it more cost-free. It is also very stable in a thermal sense and very safe to nature. That’s why it is becoming very popular these days.

Who makes lifepo4 batteries?

LifeP04 batteries are mostly produced in China. Australia, Chile, and Argentina also manufacture these items. However, their products are unprocessed. China has a monopoly on the worldwide battery market.

What are lifepo4 batteries used for? 

The LiFePO4 batteries can be used in different sectors. They are described below.

Automobile industry

What are lifepo4 batteries used for

These batteries are widely used in the automobile industry for creating car parts and or cars. They are also used for low-speed electric cars and special-purpose vehicles. 

As the electric car market is becoming bigger day by day, the usage of lithium iron phosphate batteries has also increased. As they last a long time, they help the electric car industry by reducing costs and maintenance.

Power generators

What are lifepo4 batteries used for

Lithium iron phosphate batteries, nowadays, are also used for power supply. Old power generators use lead batteries, which are very harmful to mankind and the environment. The BSG motor is being widely used as a new power supply generator. You can control these easily and don’t have to maintain the batteries much

Storing electric power

What are lifepo4 batteries used for

The lithium iron phosphate batteries can provide a high working voltage and a high energy density. You can also get a long cycle life from it because of its low self-discharge rate. These batteries also don’t contain any memory, so they are eco-friendly. 

As a result, these are used to store large amounts of electric energy. The energy storage market is also vastly increasing these days. The chemical components in these batteries are suitable for storing and supplying electricity.

Running UPS

What are lifepo4 batteries used for

The UPS can also be run with these batteries. People often use lead batteries, but the lead battery doesn’t produce enough efficiency. They don’t have a long life span, so you have to change them a lot. 

On the other hand, the lithium iron phosphate battery provides perfect electronic stability with a vast life span. It also doesn’t cause any damage to the environment, with much better efficiency. 

What are the advantages of the LiFePO4 battery?

What are the advantages of the LiFePO4 battery

The Lifepo4 batteries have numerous advantages. They are described below.

Comes with long life and less degradation

The Lifepo4 batteries come with 1000–10,000 cycles because of their chemical components. The lithium iron phosphate inside them can provide a perfect discharge rate. As a result, it can provide lower degradation even in high temperatures. 

Their huge lifespan allows them to be used anywhere you want for various kinds of applications. You can easily use them for 2000 cycles of charging and discharging while only losing 20% of their lifespan.

Doesn’t cause any harm to the environment

What are the advantages of the LiFePO4 battery

This battery doesn’t cause any harm or damage to the environment. The lithium iron phosphate that is used in these batteries has no harmful metal in them. As a result, they are very eco-friendly. You will not get any contaminated or toxic components in them. 

The battery has a compact size and a lightweight body

This battery has been structured to provide perfect power density even with its compact-sized body. You can carry them anywhere you want because they have got a lightweight body structure. Even with different temperatures, they can perform perfectly.

Perfect efficiency

This battery can be charged very fast and doesn’t have downtime. As a result, the lithium iron phosphate inside them can provide better efficiency with safer usage. The pulse rate it can provide is very high, and it can discharge at a steady voltage.

The disadvantages of LiFePO4 batteries

The disadvantages of LiFePO4 batteries

Along with the advantages, Lifepo4 batteries also have some disadvantages. They are described below.

Have a lower capacity

The LiFePO4 battery doesn’t have a vast capacity. Usually, you can get 3500 mAH from a stranded 3.7-volt lithium iron prostate battery. But the LiFePO4 battery doesn’t provide this much current. They just provide 1500 mAH. The compounds inside these batteries can’t store a lot of mAh.

It is not suitable for mobile applications

If you use this battery for a small mobile application, you will not get a good result. They also don’t have enough lead-acid compatible voltage. So they don’t provide perfect stability in these sectors. 

They come with a lower voltage

The lower voltage isn’t actually a problem for batteries. However, it can be a disadvantage for some applications. We know that LED lights require a 3.7-volt cell to glow brightly. 

But when you use LiFePO4 batteries, for this reason, you will see that they aren’t glowing brighter enough because of the 3.2 volts they provide. So you need to circuit the voltage boost to get enough voltage.

How safe are lifepo4 batteries?

How safe are lifepo4 batteries

Lifepo4 is the safest battery on the market thanks to its cathode material. They are non-toxic to the environment that causes zero risks. Besides, they do not overheat too soon like any traditional batteries. So chances are very low that they will catch fire. Even they have the least chance of explosion as well.

Why is LiFePO4 so expensive? 

The components in the LiFePO4 batteries make it very expensive, but it is just a one-time expense. You won’t have to spend money for a long time when you start using these batteries. The longevity of the components of these batteries is very good, and they last a long time. As a result, it is not significantly more expensive than other batteries.

What voltage is a LiFePO4 battery? 

There are currently no LifePO4 batteries on the market that can provide a voltage of fewer than 3 volts. These are the safest lithium batteries available, with a precise voltage supply. The LifeP04 has a nominal voltage of 3.2, which is higher than sealed lead-acid batteries. 2V cells make up these sealed lead-acid batteries.

Frequently Asked Question

Do more questions wander in your mind? Check our FAQ section then. You may get the answer here.

Do LiFePO4 batteries burn?

Lithium-iron phosphate batteries do not burn. For normal use, lifep04 batteries are safe. But in some extreme situations, they can be dangerous. It depends on the company’s decision.

Is LiFePO4 the same as lithium-ion?

No, LifePO4 batteries are not the same as Lithium-ion. They do not overheat like lithium-ion and it lasts 4-5x longer than a lithium-ion battery. Even they offer more safety than lithium-ion.

Where are LiFePO4 batteries made?

China is the primary manufacturer of LifeP04 batteries. These products are also produced in Australia, Chile, and Argentina. But, their products are unrefined. China dominates the whole global market for this battery.

Can lifepo4 batteries explode?

No, these batteries won’t explode. Lifep04 batteries are perfectly safe for everyday use. However, they can be harmful in specific circumstances. It is up to the firm to decide. However, they are hugely popular because of their long life span. 

Can lifepo4 batteries be connected in series?

No, a LiFePO4 battery can’t be connected in series. A 12V LiFeP04 battery cannot be connected in series. If it is connected in a series, the BMS will be burnt. That causes battery damage.

Can lifepo4 batteries be recycled?

Yes, lifePO4 can be recycled. To recover the materials used in their electrodes, LiFePO4 needs to be recycled. They can be created freshly with even previously used components. The recycled battery provides the same power and stability as a new battery. 


Now you know “What is a lifepo4 battery?” They are unique batteries with flawless electrical power with better stability. The best part is that they are safer compared to similar batteries on the market. You are getting superior power and lifespan without having any risks.

That is the reason people are getting towards this battery more and more. Nowadays, this battery has been used in different sectors including power, automotive, and others. You can even use it for personal or professional use and I believe it will not disappoint you.

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