What Is A Odyssey Battery – The Complete Guideline for You

The portable batteries are a powerhouse of energy that can be supplied for a long time with their rechargeable feature. Nowadays, there are a lot of portable batteries available in the marketplace. From among those, you may wonder what is a odyssey battery?

An odyssey battery is a high-end battery from the company EnerSys Energy Products Inc. Odyssey is the brand name for the battery. It is one of the most popular batteries which are globally used in general transportation and power sports vehicles.

To get a good quality odyssey battery, it is important you understand the battery’s features, compatibility, and working mechanism. This article will walk you through all about an odyssey battery.

What Is A Odyssey Battery- Long History of ODYSSEY

What Is A Odyssey Battery

This company has experience of over 100 years in manufacturing powerful batteries and exporting them globally. . It is produced by the worldwide known company EnergySys Energy Products Ins to fulfil the power requirement of powerful vehicles This American brand has some large plants for production in different states of the USA and some regions of Europe. Moreover, the company is spreading its business toward Asia and other world regions.

What type of battery is an Odyssey?

What type of battery is an Odyssey

Odyssey battery is a type of deep cycle battery. It works on the principle of electrochemical reaction to convert chemical energy to electrical energy. The odyssey is meant to produce very high cold-cranking amps and reserve capacity. 

Instead of the liquid form of acid, Odyssey uses the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) for conserving and transporting acid within the battery. Hence, more power is generated due to lesser power loss than flooded acid batteries.

Who makes odyssey batteries?

Who makes odyssey batteries?

The originating company that manufactures the Odyssey battery is EnerSus Energy Inc. This company has its origin in the USA. There are different plants of production for the odyssey batteries in different states of the USA. The primary production of the Odyssey battery is done in Warrensburg, Missouri, and Springfield, Missouri, in the USA. Moreover, you can get a plant in Newport and Wales in the United Kingdom and Arras in France.

What Are The ODYSSEY Battery Used For?

What Are The ODYSSEY Battery Used For?

The odyssey batteries are specialized batteries with high CCA and RC. Hence, it can be used for many works, unlike the old flooded lead-acid batteries.

Sports Vehicles

The vehicles such as Dirt bikes, Rally cars, and sports cars use the Odyssey battery to deliver high cranking power to boost the engine ignition. The bigger and more powerful engine of such vehicles requires high CCA and Rc, which are supplied by the Odyssey battery.

Heavy Trucks and Trailers

What Are The ODYSSEY Battery Used For?

These multi-axle trucks use very powerful engines under the hood. It requires an enormous amount of amperage to get started effectively. The Odyssey batteries being AGM-based batteries can deliver the required amount of amperage to kick these types of engines. Moreover, it recharged quickly using the alternator of these heavy vehicles.

Low-Temperature Regions

The deep-cycle batteries are very much dependent on the temperature for their optimum effectiveness. It is because in lower temperatures, the electrochemical reactions become very slow, and thus the battery cannot produce enough power to start the engine.

But, the odyssey batteries using AGM are not much affected by the temperature for producing electricity when required. As a result, Odyssey batteries have been used in vehicles in very cold regions.

Recreational Vehicles or RV

What Are The ODYSSEY Battery Used For?

Recreational vehicles require a lot of power, constant energy delivery, and quick recharging. Because there are many small electronic types of equipment such as TV, refrigerator, dishwasher, fan, lights, etc. The odyssey battery is suitable for covering up all these important tasks while on a road trip in the wilderness.


The odyssey batteries are widely used during camping. Its instant power supply and easy recharging facility with minimal self-discharge rate make the Odyssey battery good to go camping.

Power Inverters

The power inverters require an instant energy supply to convert from Dc to AC. Thus, an odyssey battery is used to charge the investors during a power cut. With your inverter, you will get instant electricity without any delay using the Odyssey battery.

Advantages of ODYSSEY Battery

Advantages of ODYSSEY Battery

There are many benefits of an odyssey battery. The major ones are stated below.

Construction of the Housing and Structure

The covering of the Odyssey battery is made up of High-density Plastic. It can resist fire and electrical impacts to some extent. The increased durability of the body makes the battery last longer than the warranty it offers. 

Since HDPs are made of lower-weight polyurethane, the battery’s overall weight decreases. Its smooth anti-corrosive surface allows you to clean the battery very easily without needing any sort of special tools or equipment.

Mixed Metal Terminals

Generally, the battery terminals are made of iron which gets corroded over several years of usage. But in the Odyssey battery, the terminal is made of metal mixtures known as Alloys. It has corrosion happening on the terminals. As a result, you do need to regularly check the terminal for corrosion and clean it for a better and uninterrupted connection.

Long-Lasting Outputs

Advantages of ODYSSEY Battery

An odyssey battery is well known for its high burst of power. It can produce more Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) for engine ignition. Besides, the Reserve Capacity(CA) and HCCA are also higher in the Odyssey battery than in the flooded batteries.

High Capacity Electrolytes

The electrolytes used in the odyssey battery are of high grade. Moreover, the electrolyte remains in the absorbed form in the AGM sheets inside the battery. Therefore, the electrochemical reaction happens more effectively with minimal loss of ions during the process of electricity generation.

High-Quality Electrodes

The electrodes used in the Odyssey batteries are pure Lead plates. Besides, the ed plates used in the battery cells come in comparatively thinner versions than the lead blocks of the flooded batteries. This thin electrode dimension enhances the power generation and accommodates more lead plates inside the battery chamber.

Anti-Vibration Construction

Advantages of ODYSSEY Battery

The confined making of the odyssey battery makes it very stable and resistive to vibrations. Along with that, the use of AGM inside the battery chamber absorbs all the electrolytes, and no liquid electrolyte remains present. Hence, there remains no risk of spillage. That is why Odyssey batteries are popular with off-road vehicles such as SUVs, ATVs, and dirt bikes.

Anti-Accidental Design

The lead plates of an Odyssey battery are kept separated with layers of protection. As a result, no internal collision occurs, even with many bumps. Therefore incidents such as batteries causing a spark do not take place.

Good Ventilation

Unlike the conventional lead-acid batteries, the Odyssey batteries are made with good ventilation ports. Therefore the produced Hydrogen gas can easily exit the chamber without causing any harm or explosions.

Speedy Recharge

The use of advanced circuitry and high-quality electrolyte or electrode makes the Odyssey battery quickly rechargeable. Therefore you do not have to worry if your battery gets discharged after not using it for a long time. You can easily recharge the battery using common battery chargers.

What Are The Problems With The Odyssey Batteries?

What Are The Problems With The Odyssey Batteries

Unlike every good product, the Odyssey batteries also have drawbacks that cannot be overlooked.

Ineffective Restoration

The Odyssey battery, once completely dead, is hard to restore. There are several methods of restoring dead deep-cycle batteries. But when the Odyssey battery is dead, it does not comply with those methods. Moreover, the AGM technology does not allow recharging when the battery is completely dead.

Not Budget Friendly

The components used in making the Odyssey batteries are of very high price. As a result, the assembled price of the battery automatically gets higher. You cannot expect the price of conventional lead-acid batteries and Odyssey batteries to be the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

More questions in mind? Then have a look at the section below.

Is an ODYSSEY battery an AGM?

The odyssey batteries are made based on Absorbed Glass Mat or AGM batteries. It uses the AGM material to hold the electrolytes stably in the absorbed form, causing no leakage or spillage. Hence, no electron loss is flown as seen in the conventional Lead-acid batteries.

Where are ODYSSEY batteries made?

The Odyssey batteries are mostly made in the production plants in the USA. There are four plants in four different states of the USA. Along with that, two plants in the UK and one in France also produce the Odyssey batteries.


There are many facts about the new generation of portable batteries that determine the quality of a battery. Such factors include making, electrolytes, electrode quality and state of the electrolyte, etc. All of these act as a major contributing factor to the quality of a battery.

The Odyssey batteries are made keeping in mind these factors to overcome the difficulties in offering stable and continuous power to your vehicle. But these batteries do not come cheap, and not everyone can afford them.

That is why it is important you understand well what is an Odyssey battery and how it works before planning to get one for your needs.

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