What is an STD Battery- Everything You Should Know

Among the most used batteries in the automobile industry, the standard flooded battery also known as STD battery is the most popular battery type to provide power to start up the engine.

What is an std battery

STD batteries supply power to your transport and add the extra bit of boost to run the other electrical accessories in your vehicle. If you already know about AGM and Gel batteries, you must also know what is an STD battery, because you might end up having one for yourself. 

What’s is an STD battery- Inside

What's is an STD battery Inside

This battery contains a mixture of sulfuric acid and water, to bump up the electrolytes. The container of the STD battery has an opening, unlike AGM batteries which are completely sealed. The opening of the Std battery is for the evaporation of the liquid to escape, that being said this battery needs maintenance to keep on working. You need to be sure whether the electrolytes are evaporating at a faster rate, you will have to refill the water once the inside solution has been evaporated. Std batteries consist of six cells and each cell is assembled with positive and negative plates. The cells are set apart by a separator surrounded by the electrolytes. The plates are plunged into the battery acid to generate the desired electrical flow.

Maintenance of STD battery

Maintenance of STD battery

It is a crucial task to maintain your STD battery, yes the STD battery needs to be taken care of, unlike AGM batteries. The standard flooded battery is not sealed, so the water evaporating will spill and splash water out of the battery causing it to function improperly. To keep the battery running smooth, you will have to replace and refill water today or tomorrow to bring it back to a stable working position. This battery type is not mobile, therefore you can’t move the battery, it has to be rooted to a fixed position, moving too much will impair the battery functions, and most importantly flooded batteries will spill water out, so it can also harm the battery if the water transfer and the water level are not kept to the optimum level.

What does it power

Standard flooded batteries not only provide the boost to the ignition to power the engine of your vehicle, but it also supports all the external components of your vehicle that need a bit of power to keep on running even if your transport is on standby, from the panel lights on your rpm meter to the clock and more. This battery type has a high Amp hour and does not require deep cycling. Fluctuating voltage can hinder electronics in your vehicle, but if you are using an STD battery, it will protect your vehicle’s electrical component by stabilizing the voltage peak throughout your transport.

Advantages of a standard flooded battery 

Advantages of a standard flooded battery

Very long discharge cycle

– Std batteries are extremely reliable in given situations, these batteries have been adapted by vehicle owners all over the world

– Cost is comparatively low than Gel batteries and other AGM batteries

– Comprises of alloy grids that bump up the cycle life of the battery

– STD batteries have substantial electrolytes compared to other types of battery, therefore provides good deep discharge recovery

Disadvantages of an STD battery

Disadvantages of an STD battery

– Not sealed

-This battery type spills fluid

– Needs maintenance, like keeping the water level in check and refilling it whenever necessary

– The battery is not flexible, it cannot be moved like sealed batteries. Std batteries need to be placed in a secured place otherwise movement can induce damage to the battery

Moving on, as we know, STD batteries are suitable for vehicles, that includes motorcycles as well. Most motorcycle users tend to ask this one question: what kind of battery is a motorcycle battery. We are here to aid your thoughts, as we have already discussed what is an STD battery in this article, we will try to make things easier for all the questioners in this latter half of the write-up.

If your motorcycle battery got toasted for some reason and you need a new one but don’t know what type to pick, take a look at the types of motorcycle batteries below.

Lead Acid Batteries (Non sealed Std batteries) 

Already explained at the starting of the article, these batteries are inexpensive compared to other types and need maintenance as they are not sealed and spill the liquid. With proper maintenance, your ride is good to go.

Lead Acid Batteries Non sealed Std batteries

AGM batteries 

These batteries are sealed batteries and have the advantage over STD batteries, for being spill-proof, needing no maintenance. A pivotal advantage of this battery is that the battery comes with deep discharge and fast charging ability without hindering the overall lifespan of the battery. The only downfall is that it can overheat in some instances.

AGM batteries 

Gel batteries

 Works just like the AGM battery, but are more flexible, therefore can be mounted at any angle without having to worry about spilling and maintenance. Gel batteries are deep cycle batteries, these are super durable batteries with a longer lifespan than their counterparts.

Gel batteries

Lithium-Ion Batteries 

 A battery type for the future as it is going to evolve and gain more popularity in the upcoming days. Currently in demand for many motorcycle owners. This battery type is small and lighter, therefore can be fitted in tighter spaces. This battery has a slow discharge rate, meaning you can go on for weeks without using your ride, it won’t trouble the battery, rather it will start up whenever. you need it.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Final verdict

We have already discussed what is an STD battery and what kind of battery is a motorcycle battery. Now it’s all up to you, if you are looking for a motorcycle battery, pick something from the lot mentioned in this article. All these batteries are well suited for your motorcycle and other transport activities. Just make sure you take care of your battery, looking out for your battery will result in a fruitful lifespan and maximum performance in return.

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